A 20kA550V zinc electrolysis rectifier system


Green Power IGBT Power Supply Unit New Touch Panel Operation


IGBT Power Supply Manufacture and Q&C Process

15kA 380V 5.7MW transformer rectifier for hydrogen generation

5000A 12V air cooling IGBT DC power supply for plating with CE mark

500A-2000A 12V Module Air Cooling STA Series  IGBT Rectifier 

500A-2000A 12V CE standard IGBT Rectifier for Electroplating

900A 38V EUR Series(CE) IGBT Rectifier for Hydrogen Generation 

500A 400V air cooling Module type IGBT rectifier for CED coating

500A 1000A 12V ECO Series(Manual Panel) IGBT Rectifier for Electroplating 

IGBT Plating Rectifiers' Running in Plating Factories

Green Power Company Introduction

3000A 15V(2000A 24V) IGBT Rectifier for Electroplating, Anodizing

Induction Heating Testing using GP 50kW Power Supply

1000A 2000A 12V Air Cooling Modular IGBT Rectifier

20kA 12V Water Cooling IGBT Rectifier and Testing

 IGBT Rectifier Testing and Touch Panel Operation

+/-1000A 40V Polarity Reversing IGBT Rectifier Testing

IGBT Test Steps for Rectifier 

Diode Test  Steps  for Rectifier

Plasma Torch Generation Using GP IGBT DC Power Supply