Technical Capability

   CEO Introduction

  Company Technical Capability Introduction


   •  Talented technical team, CEO is also professor in university, several engineers with Ph.D degree and master degree

   •  Engineers' experience in industrial industry more than 20 years, have rich experience of both technical design and onsite service.

   •  Experience in industrial applications more than 20 years, have rich experience of both technical design and onsite service.

   •  Mutual R&D with universities

   •  Patent and Software Copyright certification

   •  Self developed DSP(USA TI company's chip) digital controller         

   •  Self Developed DSP Controller     

   •  Self developed and designed products                                       

   •  Products design meet UL, CE , CSA, IEC etc. standards

   •  3D software for mechanical structure design

   •  Designed and produced max. power SCR rectifier system worldwide

   •  Developed highest stability IGBT switch mode power supply for silicon growth and sapphire growth

   •  Developed IGBT chopper technology 7MW polysilicon DC reduction electrical system, top 3 worldwide

   •  Developed pulse generator for ocean oil detection

   •  Developed power supply system for making 3D material


Power Supply Main Technology and Products: 

•  IGBT Switch Mode Power Supply Technology, output up to DC 500kW, 50kA, 200V, suitable for lower voltage or lower power applications, such as data center, battery charging, monosilicon crystal growth, sapphire growth, water treatment, surface treatment, such as electroplating, anodizing, electropolishing, hard anodizing, electrolysis, electrowinning and so on. 

•  Line transformer + IGBT Chopper Technology, output up to DC 5MW, 1000V, suitable for high voltage output applications, such as Plasma Torch, Nuclear experiment, Polysilicon growth and so on. 

•  SCR Power Supply Technology, output up to DC 200MW, 22kV, suitable for very high power, high voltage applications such as Plasma heating, electrolysis of sea water, electrolysis of caustic soda, copper, zinc electrowinning, electrodeposition, DC arc furnace heating, Titanium melting and so on.