Team of Green Power

The company has more than 40 high-level talents, including 1 professor, 6 doctors majoring in electrical engineering, 1 doctor of psychology, several masters of electrical engineering and MBA. It is the training base of doctor, master and undergraduate for colleges and universities, with the Joint R&D labs with top universities.

• The core team members have won a lot of awards such as the Beijing Science and Technology Award, the Ministry of Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, and many invention patents and utility model patents.

 CEO has been responsible for the National 863 projects, has designed domestic maximum DC power supply for polycrystalline, single-system switching power supply with maximum capacity, national nuclear super capacity testing power supply, and oil exploration pulse generation power supply.

• Engineering team is proficient in electrical design, control design & mechanical design, with a wealth of power electronics design and application experience.

• Marketing GM with over 10 years business management and international trade experience and has visited more than 20 countries.

•  Experienced capable management team

•  Qualified workers team