International Sales & Service Network

Green Power have exported to more than 40 countries

Exported to United States, Canada, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, United Arab Emirates, India, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Switzerland, South Korea, Hungary, Ukraine, Brazil, Burma, Denmark, Thailand, Bangladesh, Israel, Lebanon, Philippines, Britain, Italy, New Zealand, Congo, Indonesia, Spain, Bolivia.


We provide English, Russian, Spanish 3 foreign languages support, have visited more than 20 countries for customer visit and participate in international exhibitions, and have several customer visitors every month from all around the world. 

Have international distributors and agents in 15 countries

United States, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Germany, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea. 

More agents welcomed

Power Supplies are served for international customers mainly in below application industries: 

• Data Center: Provides DC power to the data center, with very low ripple and very stable output voltage, compact size.

• Electrolysis, Electrowinning, Electrodeposition: non-ferrous metal electrowinning, electrodeposition (copper, zinc, lead, gold, silver, etc.), ion-exchange membrane caustic soda electrolysis, electrolytic rare earth, electrolytic copper foil, electrolytic processing, electrolytic pickling, anti-corrosion power supply.

• Surface treatment: metal, plastic surface plating, anodized aluminum, hard anodized, electrolytic polishing and so on.

• Plasma heating: plasma technology is the most reliable measure for all types of solid waste (municipal solid waste, industrial and hazardous solid waste, medical and electronic hazardous waste, sewage sludge, and smelting waste residue, mining tailings, etc.). Provides DC power for plasma heating.

• Charging: Provides smart battery charging power for VGA and other applications.

• Crystal growth: Provides stable and reliable heating power for crystal growth of single crystal silicon, polysilicon, sapphire crystal, silicon carbide, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, etc.;

• DC Arc Furnace: Provides high-power DC power for DC arc furnaces, resistance heating furnaces, and more.

• Water treatment: waste water electrolysis, Sodium Hypochlorite generation, Hydrogen generation,  electrochlorination by the principle of electrolyzing the brine solution(NaCl) or sea water, sewage treatment, sludge treatment, desalination.

• Special applications: nuclear power test, aerospace test, military industry, oil exploration and other special applications.

• Power Grid: Used for harmonic control, reactive power management, and voltage regulation to improve power quality.