Transformer Rectifier For Electrowinning In Zinc Refinery And Smelting Plant

Transformer Rectifier For Electrowinning In Zinc Refinery And Smelting Plant

Transformer rectifier for electrowinning in Zinc refinery and smelting plant is to provide DC current for extraction of zinc,have exported to more than 20 countries.

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Transformer rectifier for electrowinning in Zinc refinery and smelting plant


The Transformer Rectifier is used for Electrowinning, also called electroextraction, is the electrodeposition of metals from their ores that have been put in solution via a process commonly referred to as leaching. Electrorefining uses a similar process to remove impurities from a metal. Both processes use electroplating on a large scale and are important techniques for the economical and straightforward purification of non-ferrous metals. The resulting metals are said to be electrowon.

Below is reference picture of Zinc electrowinning plant. 


Transformer Rectifier for Zinc Electrowinning Technical Data


Three-Phase Supply Voltage



50Hz or 60Hz

Power Factor Required At Rated Output


Harmonic THDi and THDv



Maximum D.C. Current

20kA (example)

Maximum D.C. Voltage

500V (example)

Voltage Variation Range


Constant DC Current Control Range




Water-Cooler(Deionized Water)


Electrowinning Cell

Rectifying Elements


Type of automatic control

Full-digital type,double channel,one work,another one hot standby.

Rectifying circuit

Three-phase bridge rectifier

Protection degree


Number of rectifier cubicles
1 or 2
Number of pulses
12 pulse(suggested)
AccuracyWithin +/- 0.5% of the rated DC current
Continuous with n elements in operationYes

Continuous with “n-1” elements in operation

Quantity of thyristors48 Nos.(example)
Quantity of Fast action fuses48 Nos.(example)
Current safety factor>3
Voltage safety factor>3
Type and mode of controlconstant current
HMITouch panel
Paint finishRAL7035 or custom design
Bus bar materialCopper
Estimated outline sizeL*W*H: 3400*1200*2200(mm)
Estimated weight3 tons


One thyristor fault per arm alarm, two thyristor fault on same arm trip.

One fuse fault per arm alarm, two fuses fault on same arm trip.

DM water very high temp. Trip

DM water flow low, alarm

DM water flow very low, trip

Mixed cartridge and filter is provided to maintain the conductivity of DM water

Interlocks through DCS

Emergency trip push button station

Earthing fault monitoring

Surge arrestor

Thyristor RC snubber

Fast action fuses

Phase loss

Input over/under voltage

Short circuit

Output current limit

Bus bar temperature

Rectifier over heat

Output over voltage

Output over current

Cooling water low pressure

Cooling water high temperature

Insulation protection

And others required by purchaser


Rated primary voltage UL

20K V ±10%(example)

Rated  frequency

50 Hz or 60Hz

Rated power


Vector group

Ya0-Dz,d0 6 y11 5

Rated primary current


Rated secondary current


Secondary phase voltages 

                                231.4~462.9V(star connection)

                                233.9~467.7V(delta connection)


Three-phase bridge with in--phase counter connection

Cooling method


Winding material


Short circuit Impedance

Approx. 8.2%

Oil surface temperature rise


Overload ability

150% for 1 minute once in 24 hrs, 110% long time continuous running

Insulation class


Outline size

                                L*W*H: 4200*2900*3500(mm)

Heat exchanger size

                                   L*W*H: 2400*1100*1800(mm)

Design life span

                                          Longer than 30 years

Green Power Rectifier Advantages 

◆ 1+1 Digital Controller, Dual channel hot backup controller

◆ Combined with the application process and technical parameters, optimize main circuit design, ferromagnetic calculation and structure design to effectively reduce EMI, loss and improve efficiency

◆ Adaptive filtering of synchronous signal

◆ Optical fiber trigger, small optical delay, good synchronization effect, strong anti-interference ability

◆ Self developed DSP digital control, fast response, high control accuracy, high reliability, easy for DCS networking

◆ High reliability, verified by export application

◆ Multiple parallel thyristors are considered in the structural design, with good current sharing effect

◆ Anti corrosion treatment, stainless steel water pipes and screws

◆ International level process standard

◆ Thyristor N+1 redudancy

◆ Multi-pulse configurations available

◆ Grounding insulation detection available

◆ Design to local environment, altitude and cooling conditions with all cooling system types available

◆ Air cooling rectifier availalbe in minus Celsius degree temperature area to avoid water freezing, have experience

◆ Touch panel intelligent control

High Power Transformer Rectifier Reference Picture

transformer rectifier 

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