Switch Mode Power Supply 10000A12V For Electrolysis Plant

Switch Mode Power Supply 10000A12V For Electrolysis Plant

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Switch mode power supply10000A12V for electrolysis plant


 1. Application   



 2. Technical principle 

      Three phase AC input is converted to DC through rectification and filter, then DC voltage is transformed to DC output through phase shift full bridge PWM DC/DC converter.


1. Schematic diagram of system 


2. Schematic diagram of module 

 3. Technical parameters 


  4.  Mechanical configuration   


      The size can be customized according to customer requirements.

  5. Functions  


  6. Testing   

      (1) PCB board reliability testing

PCB testing

      (2) Full load testing

full load testing

 7. Our workshop    

  • 1000+ power supplies per month capacity

  • ERP System for Internal Management

  • 16000m2 factory

  • Flow line assembly lines

  • Experienced capable production

  • management team

  • Qualified workers team

  • Strong craftwork ability

  • High efficiency


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