Transformer Rectifier For Chlor Alkali Plant Up To 50kA 800V 20 Years History Exported To 50 Countries

Transformer Rectifier For Chlor Alkali Plant Up To 50kA 800V 20 Years History Exported To 50 Countries

Green Power Transformer Rectifier for Chlor Alkali to deliver high power stable DC power for electrolyzer through Membrane Cell Process. The focus of our expertise and experience is on designing complete rectifier systems, except rectifier, we also supply transformers, heat exchanger, harmonic filter, busbars, DC isolators, switchgear and many other electrical equipment you may require.

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Transformer Rectifier for Chlor Alkali Plant

Introduction to Chlor Alkali Process

Green Power provides the transformer rectifier for the Chlor Alkali electrlysis process

Plants producing Chlorine and Caustic Soda are known as Chlor-Alkali plants. For commercial production of chlorine and caustic soda, the following three different processes are presently employed world-wide.

◆ Amalgm Process: The electrolysis using graphite anodes or metal anodes and mercury cathodes.

◆ Diaphragm Process: The electrolysis using graphite anodes or metal anodes and iron cathodes partitioned by diaphragm.

◆ Membrane Cell Process: The electrolysis using metal andoes and metal cathodes partictioned by cation exchange membranes.

All the above processes are based upon electrolysis of aqueous solution of sodium chloride. The electrolysis is carried out by passage of direct current through the aqueous solution of sodium chloride.

Though the first two processes namely the amalgam process and the diaphragm process are also being employed for production of chlorine and caustic soda, but the focus has now shifted on to membrane cell process because it has got the various advantages over the other processes.

Principle of Membrane Cell Process:

The membrane is the heart of the membrane cell process. It acts as a barrier between the anode and the cathode compartments of the cell. The membrane is impermeable for liquid and gas. It allows the passage of Na+ cations through it and prevents the passage of OH- inons. The membranes consist of fluorocarbon matrices.

The membrane process employs two types of designs namely the bipolar design and mono-polar design. In the mono-polar design, the elements are connected in parallel, thus it has high amperes and low voltage. In bipolar design, elements are connected in series, thus it has low amperes and high voltage.

Advantages of Membrane Cell Process:

◆ Reduced energy consumption.

◆ Less space requirement for electrolysis.


Caustic Soda Production Process

Highlights of Green Power Transformer Rectifier

Latest Rectifier Technology

◆ Design to all types of environments

◆ Remote monitoring via PLC modem

◆ 1+1 Digital Controller, Dual channel hot backup controller

◆ Combined with the application process and technical parameters, optimize main circuit design, ferromagnetic calculation and structure design to effectively reduce EMI, loss and improve efficiency

◆ Adaptive filtering of synchronous signal

◆ Optical fiber trigger, small optical delay, good synchronization effect, strong anti-interference ability

◆ Self developed DSP digital control, fast response, high control accuracy, high reliability, easy for DCS networking

◆ High reliability, verified by export application

◆ Multiple parallel thyristors are considered in the structural design, with good current sharing effect

◆ Anti corrosion treatment

◆ International level process standard

◆ Transformer On Load Tap Changer available

◆ Harmonics studies available

◆ Based on specifications we can conform to IEC, IEEE, CE, UL, CSA, etc...

◆ High Efficiency units with low operating temperatures

◆ Stainless steel water piping

◆ Thyristor N+1 redudancy

◆ Multi-pulse configurations available

◆ Grounding insulation detection available

◆ Design to local environment, altitude and cooling conditions with all cooling system types available

◆ Air cooling rectifier availalbe in minus Celsius degree temperature area to avoid water freezing, have experience

◆ 7:00-23:00 Beijing Time in service (UTC+8)

Main Composition of Transformer Rectifier

◆ Rectifier transformer(OFWF, OFAF, ONAN)

◆ Thyristor Rectifier(6 pulse, 12 pulse, 18 pulse, 24 pulse etc.), forced water cooling or air cooling

◆ Heat Exchanger(Deionized water)for rectifier

◆ Copper bus bars

◆ High current measurement meter

◆ DC disconnector

◆ High voltage switchgear

◆ Harmonic filter

◆ Power factor compensation capacitor bank

◆ Others required by the customer

transformer rectifier system for Chlor Alkali

Main Parameters of Transformer Rectifier

Input AC voltage

AC 3 phase kV level, 50Hz/60Hz

Rated output DC voltage

Up to DC 800V

Rated output DC current

Up to DC 50kA

Design Standard

IEC-60146 Semiconductors converters

IEC-60076 Power transformers

IEC-61378 Converters transformers

Power factor at input @rated load

Not less than 0.9 through on load tap changer without power factor

improving capacitor banks, above 0.97 after compensation

Efficiency @ rated load


Stability of output current at set point

Within ±0.5%

Type of control

Digital control

Ingress protection class of rectifier panel


Ambient temperature for design purpose

Max. 50℃

Rectifier pulse

Thyristor based, 6 pulse, 12 pulse, 24 pulse or more

Type and mode of control

Constant current


150% for 1 minutes, 110% for 5 minutes, 100% long term

Rectifier thyristor cooling

Forced water cooled(cooling water is deionized water)

Transformer cooling method


Transformer installation place

Indoor or Outdoor


Color touch panel

Remote control interface

4-20mA/0-10V signal and dry contacts, Modbus/Profibus/

Profinet/Ethernet communication

Thyristor N+1 redundancy


Heat exchanger

Deionized water/raw water exchange, with redudancy


Grounding detection and grounding fault alarm

Thyristor RC snubber

Fast action fuses

Over heat

Output over voltage

Output over current

Water pressure

Water temperature

Others required by purchaser

Reference Pictures of Transformer Rectifier

transformer rectifier for caustic soda

Activities in Chlor Alkali Industry


Green Power Attended AMAI Seminar and Exhibition India


Green Power Attended 18th China International Chlor-Alkali Conference


Chairman Introduction

◆ Was invited by former Premier as one of 10 representatives

◆ PhD in power electronics

◆ Professor in Beijing Jiaotong University

◆ One of Millions Talent

◆ Model worker in Beijing

◆ Enjoy special allowance of Chinese Government

◆ Have 20 major awards

◆ Has 24 authorized patents, 5 software copyright

◆ Published more than 70 papers

◆ Published 4 books

◆ Member of National Power Electronics Standardization Committee

◆ Executive director of the fifth executive board in Beijing Electric Power Electronics Association

◆ Lead the team fulfilled many national grade important projects

Technology Capability

◆ High-tech company

◆ 20+ years power electronics R&D and engineering experience

◆ Talented technical team, Ph.D and master degree engineers

◆ Experience in industrial applications more than 20 years, have rich experience of both technical design and onsite service.

◆ Mutual R&D with universities

◆ Patent and Software Copyright certification

◆ Self developed DSP(USA TI company's chip) digital controller

◆ Self developed and designed products

◆ Products design meet IEC, UL, CE , CSA and etc. standards

Green Power Introduction Video

Rectifier Manufacture Factory Picture

Green Power rectifier manufacturer

Contact us:

Alice Lee

Green Power Alice


Whatsapp/mobile: +86 13810151476

Wechat: 65044167

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