Thyristor Rectifier for Chlor Alkali Electrolysis Gold Silver Copper Zinc Lead Electrowinning

Thyristor Rectifier for Chlor Alkali Electrolysis Gold Silver Copper Zinc Lead Electrowinning

SCR rectifier for electrolytic process a pplication area Rectifiers for Electrowinning, Electrolytic Refining High capacity, high current dc power supply is applied to the production of high purity 99.9% cathode copper through Electrowinning, also called electroextraction, is the...

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Thyristor Rectifier for Chlor Alkali Electrolysis Gold Silver Copper Zinc Lead Electrowinning 

1. SCR rectifier for electrolytic process application area

Rectifier for Electrowinning, Electrolytic Refining 

High capacity, high current dc power supply is applied to the production of high purity 99.9% cathode copper through Electrowinning, also called electroextraction, is the electrodeposition of metals from their ores that have been put in solution via a process commonly referred to as leaching. Electrolytic refining uses a similar process to remove impurities from a metal. Both processes use electroplating on a large scale and are important techniques for the economical and straightforward purification of non-ferrous metals. The method that to increase the purity of the metal using electrolysis, is putting two electrodes into the electrolytic solution, base metal of low purity metal as the anode and suitable metal thin plate as the cathode, and to flow the current and then a high purity metal is precipitated on the negative electrode plate, and impurities is removed. The metals can be treated with electrolytic refining, are copper, zinc, lead, gold, silver, aluminum, antimony, tin, nickel, bismuth, uranium, beryllium, vanadium, and the like.

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SCR power supplies rectifier for Electrolysis, Electrochlorination in Chemical Plant

Rectifier thyristor technology for producing sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and chlorine gas (Cl2) from the brine makes use of electrolysis method, Electrolysis of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda, chlorine gas is generated at the anode and caustic soda is made and hydrogen gas is generated simultaneously at the cathode, for this CA (Chlor-Alkali) process, high-capacity special power supply is required for the purpose of effective electrolysis. 

And the power supply is also used for electrolysis of potassium hydroxide, copper foil, salt solution, seawater desalination Electrodialysis(ED) etc.

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Steel Plant Rectifier

High capacity electrolysis power supply is used in manufacturing process of EGL, CGL, PGL and STS, electrical degreasing and electroplating of a metal sheet including cleaning rectifier, Pickling Rectifier, Electrolytic cleaning rectifier, and Electroplating Rectifier using SCR phase shift technology.

Rectifier for Seawater Electrolysis

Electrochlorination Technology is for The On Site Production Of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution By Electrolysis From Seawater Or Brine. This Technology Is Used For Biofouling Control In Power Plants, Liquefied Natural Gas Plants (LNG) Terminals, Cooling Towers Marine Ballast Water Treatments, Desalination Facilities And All Coastal Installations Using Seawater For Cooling Or Other Process Needs.

2. Product Overview of Thyristor Rectifier 

This rectifier consists of rectifier transformer, SCR panel for rectifying switching, control section for control and protection and the control panel for an operation, if required, we have design skills of Harmonic Filter to reduce the input power factor and harmonics. 

There are several main circuit optional, typical circuit configuration 3 phase bridge rectifier or double star configuration. 6 pulse, 12 pulse, 18 pulse, 24 pulse, 36 pulse output available, with output power up to 100MW.
For the purpose of safe operation and equipment protection various protective systems were adopted, and has a higher user comfort and more precise by the digital control system.

Input voltage

3 phase 380V-22.9kV

Output voltage

DC up to 10kV

Output current

DC up to 100kA

Output capacity

Up to 100MW


Higher than 98%

Operation method

Local touch panel, remote touch panel or remote operation computer or communication interface with PLC

Cooling method


Transformer type

Dry type/oil immersed

3. Product Features of Thyristor Rectifier

◆ Electric Circuit and Control Stability - Possession of its own Simulation Design Capability

◆ Proved durability and reliability

◆ Application of International Standards Communication Methods(Analog I/O, Digital I/O,RS-232/422/485)

◆ 32bit DSP Controller Using

◆ Ease Maintenance Providing-Design for Ease Maintenance

◆ Possibility of Checking Burnout Location for the SCR FUSE

◆ A Redundant System of the Main Part.

◆ Can be Custom designed to fit User Spec

◆ Minimize Communication Error Using Optical Communication

4. Customer Benefits of SCR Rectifier 

◆ High reliability for smooth non-stop continuous electrolysis process running,  robust in various environment, have protection solutions for frequent power outages.

◆ Power saving: High power characteristics (efficiency, cos φ) combined with smooth-step current control;

◆ Excellent electrolysis process quality: High accuracy of high currents measurement up to 0.1%; Low output ripple;

◆ Easy operation, control, monitor and troubleshooting: Centralized control and diagnostics using modern microprocessor systems and touch panel or industrial computers, optimization of process control;

◆ Easy installation and commissioning;

◆ Minimal impact on supply network when running several rectifiers, due to the use of multi-pulse(6, 12, 18, 24, 36 pulse available) rectifying circuits, load tap changer, phase-shift devices and compensation winding built in power transformer.

5. Product structures of SCR Rectifier 

◆ Transformer part,

◆ Converter part(thyristors),

◆ Heat exchanger,

◆ DC disconnectors,

◆ Current Hall sensor,

◆ Voltage transducer

◆ Reactor and capacitor

◆ Copper bus bar

◆ Control and protection circuit and devices

◆ Auxiliaries circuit,

◆ Remote control of one or several rectifiers.

Transformer part:
Transformer - oil or dry, with NLTC (no-load tap changer). Connection to primary winding network is through OLTC device (on-load tap changer). Secondary winding is connected to the converter part;  
Oil cooling transformer cooling tank provides circulation oil cooling of the transformer;

Rectification part:
Rectification part is made with bridge or double star rectification circuit, with an equal number of bridges and transformer secondary windings connected in Y and delta to increase pulse number.
Applied power semiconductors: thyristors, devices are connected in parallel arms, which number is determined by the rectifier output current.
Parallel connection of several circuits Y-reverse Y with smoothing reactor with thyristor control of line current value are applied in low-voltage high-ampere rectifiers.

Control system: 

Control system functions:

◆ current setup and regulation;

◆ protection and signaling;

◆ current and voltage control;

◆ high voltage breaker closing/opening;

◆ automatic and manual control of transformer OLTC and NLTC;

◆ processing of information from transformer monitoring cabinet;

◆ DC disconnectors control;

◆ data reception-transmission from control cabinet to remote control panel.

Local control:

◆ Start, stop, current/voltage regulation, output current, voltage display, fault alarm etc. Equipped with analog or digital voltmeter and ampere meter.

◆ Local operation: main circuit ON button, main circuit OFF button, local/remote control switch, constant current/voltage switch, emergency stop button.

◆ Local alarms: water pressure, overload, thyristor overheat etc. with audible-visual alarm.

◆ Local display: DC output voltmeter, ampere meter.

◆ Local setting: reference value setting.

Remote control:

◆ generation of commands for the rectifier switching on/off;

◆ current setting for each rectifier;

◆ signals processing and receiving from each rectifier of the group;

◆ alarms, warnings archives creation;

◆ current on load graphs making;

◆ rectifiers current and voltage data array formation;

◆ current and voltage average values archiving;

◆ data transfer to process automatic control system database via any of the following networks: Profibus-D, Ethernet, Modbus, N or other;

◆ equipment operation charts and graphs displaying and printing.

6. General Specifications of SCR Rectifier 

1. Working Condition


Highest ambient temperature




Indoor or Outdoor



<2000m(reduce rating at higher altitude)


Relative Humidity


2. AC Input


Input AC phase

3 phase


Input line voltage(V)

Low 380V, 220V, 415V, 480V
     High voltage 6kV, 10kV, up to 22.9kV 


Voltage Fluctuating Range



Input Frequency(Hz)



AC input position

From top side or bottom of cubicle

3. DC Output


Rated Output Current(A)

Up to 100kA


Rated Output Voltage(V)

Up to 10kV


Output mode and range

Constant Current, 0-100% of rated value


Constant Voltage, 0-100% of rated value



100% full load





Output position

From back side, bottom or top of cubicle


Output pulses

6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 36 and more

4. Electrical Features



Electrowinning, electrolysis


Regulation mode

Thyristor(SCR) phase shift


Power Efficiency(Full Load)



Power Factor(Full load)

≥0.94 on request


Rectifier Connection

Bridge or double star


Rectifier Cooling

Air cooling, Deionized Water to Water / Deionized Water to Air


Transformer Cooling



Temp class




No Load and On Load Tap Changers





IP degree

IP30, IP54 for water cooling on request


Insulation Grade

B, please specify if you require higher


Working Mode



Alarm type

Audible and visual alarm



Digital or analog control

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