Electro Chemical Production Rectifiers And Power Converters For Chlor Alkali

Electro Chemical Production Rectifiers And Power Converters For Chlor Alkali

Electro Chemical Production Rectifiers and Power Converters for Chlor Alkali sodium hydroxide provides high current for electrolyzer, Green Power has rich experience of rectifiers for Chlor Alkali industry.

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Electro Chemical Production Rectifiers and Power Converters for Chlor Alkali

1. Process Introduction of chlor-alkali electrolysis

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also known as caustic soda is a widely used chemical produced by electrolysis of an aqueous NaCl salt solution (brine). The resulting product is caustic soda lye or liquor, a NaOH solution in demineralised water.

As an industrial commodity, caustic soda holds a pivotal position in the manufacture of a wide range of industrial and consumer products.

Thanks to its strong alkaline nature, caustic soda has an outstanding ability to dissolve or extract, making it the product of choice for applications in the pulp and paper industry, for alumina extraction from bauxite ore and for use in demanding cleaning applications, such as breweries, bakeries and other food processing environments.

In water treatment, it is a powerful means for pH adjustment, neutralizing water streams and contributing to reducing corrosion.

In sodium-based chemistry, it serves as a reactive agent in the production process, delivering sodium to the final product in various ways and for many different purposes. Caustic soda is for example used in the production of silicas, silicates and metasilicates, phosphates, fibres, bleach, detergents and soaps as well as in food processing (for example of sugar) and in the refining of vegetable and mineral oils.

The caustic soda is gotten through the electrochemical reaction according to the formula

caustic soda generation formula

causes Cl- ions to be oxidized to chlorine at the anode, while water is reduced to hydrogen and OH- ions at the cathode. To bring this about, specially prepared pure brine is fed into the anode compartment. A cation-selective membrane separates the cathode compartment from the anode compartment. Only hydrated sodium ions can pass through the membrane. With the aid of the electric field, chloride ions are blocked out very well. As a result, the OH- ions combine with Na+ ions in the cathode compartment to form pure caustic soda.


2. Rectifiers and Power Converters Role in Caustic Soda Production

Rectifier system provides continuous  DC power for Ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer, the rectifier plays important role for reliable, stable and efficient running. Efficiency, reliability,  easy-to-operation, protection behavior are related performance.

3. Green Power Experience in Rectifier and Power Converters in Caustic Soda Production

Green Power is dated back to 1960, from the earliest rectifier manufacturer in China.

  • Have provided hundreds of high power Rectifiers for Chlor Alkali industry. 

  • Have own PhD and master degree technical team, 100% self owned technology, DSP digital controller

  • Products exported to more than 40 countries, rich foreign country engineering experience, English communication without any problem

  • Strict quality control processs, strictly follow ISO 9001 quality management

  • Efficient and professional after sale service

4. Rectifiers and Power Converters for Chlor Alkali Block Diagram

The Rectifiers and Power Converters  system normally includes high voltage switchgear, rectifier transformers, Rectifier, control panel, heat exchanger, high current DC current measurement sensor, polarization rectifier, DC disconnector, connection copper busbars, computer monitoring unit. Harmonic filter and power factor compensation facility is optional. 


5. Rectifiers and Power Converters Reference Project Picture


6. Main Technical Parameters of Rectifier for Caustic Soda

Input voltage

AC 3 phase kV level, 50Hz/60Hz

Rated output DC voltage

up to DC 800V

Rated output DC current

up to DC 20kA

Design Standard

IEC-60146       Semiconductors converters

IEC-60076       Power transformers

IEC-61378       Converters transformers

Power factor at input @rated load

Not less than 0.9 through on load tap changer 

without power factor improving capacitor banks, above 0.97 

after compensation

Efficiency @ rated load


Stability of output current at set point

Within ±0.5%

Type of control

Digital control

Ingress protection class of rectifier panel


Ambient temperature for design purpose

Max. 50℃

Rectifier pulse

Thyristor based 12 or 24 pulse 

Type and mode of control

Constant current


150% for 1 minutes, 110% for 5 minutes, 100% long term

Rectifier thyristor cooling

Forced water cooled(cooling water is deionized water)

Transformer cooling method

OFWF or OFAF of ONAN based on output power

Transformer installation place

Indoor or Outdoor


Color touch panel Siemens brand

Remote control interface

4-20mA signal and dry contacts/Modbus/Profibus/ Profinet

Thyristor N+1 redundancy


Heat exchanger

Deionized water/raw water exchange, with redudancy


Grounding detection and grounding fault alarm

Thyristor RC snubber

Fast action fuses

Over heat

Output over voltage

Output over current

Water pressure

Water temperature

Others required by purchaser

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