Anodizing Water Cooling 18000A 30V SCR Rectifier Double Star

Anodizing Water Cooling 18000A 30V SCR Rectifier Double Star

Anodizing Water Cooling 18000A 30V SCR Rectifier Double Star 1. A pplication Anodic oxidation of Aluminum, Aluminum hard anodizing, Titan Anodisation and Pulse Applications. 2. Aluminum anodizing pulse rectifier Main Features DC or pulse output Modular structure DSP digital micro processor...

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Anodizing Water Cooling 18000A 30V SCR Rectifier Double Star

1. Application

Anodic oxidation of Aluminum, Aluminum hard anodizing, Titan Anodisation and Pulse Applications. 


2. Aluminum anodizing pulse rectifier Main Features 

  • DC or pulse output

  • Modular structure

  • DSP digital micro processor controller

  • Touch panel HMI

  • Compact size

  • Allow high current(40kA) and voltage(200V DC)

  • Easy connecting PLC for remote control

  • Easy maintain and troubleshooting

3. Block Diagram: Double star 6 pulse, also 12 pulse, 18 pulse also avaialble.

Double Star

4. SCR Rectifier Power System:

SCR Rectifier System

5. Main technical parameters

Input voltage

3 phase 380VAC

Output DC current


Output DC voltage


Output regulation range

0-100% of max currentor voltage

Control accuracy

1/1000 of max current or voltage

Operation Mode

Constant current and constant voltage, constant power


>3% on request


>90% (typ.) @ rated load          

Degree of Protection

IP44 for water cooling, on request

Power factor

>0.93 @ rated load                

Insulation grade


Working mode

100% 24 hours continuous running

Alarm type

Audible and visual alarm

Cooling method

Water cooling

Available Interfaces with PLC

Analogue 0-10V 
Analogue 4-20mA 

Operation Modes

Manual, Automatic


Short circuit protection 
Over/under input voltage protection 
Driving protection 
Over heat protection 
Over current protection 
Over voltage protection

6. Hard anodizing rectifier solution 
Aluminum, Titanium hard anodizing process always needs higher voltage than decorative anodizing process, we provide custom design for hard coat anodizing rectifier, titanium anodizing rectifier:

● Output current and voltage make custom design

● Support setting and implementing up to 20 process curve

● Support up to 20 step process setting in one process curve

● Record real time step current, voltage, anodizing time process information

● Provide custom design output different waveforms


7. Customer Benefits of Green Power Anodizing Rectifier 

uHigh Reliability

Although the investment for the DC power supply is minor compared to the total plant cost, a loss of power results in tremendous loss in production, industrial industry do not allow any compromise on reliability of the rectifier. Protection measures (e.g high voltage absorbing circuit) adopted to protect components in case of power shortage.

Fully digital control system, anti-jamming, strong ability to resist strong magnetic field, high reliability.

Using high precision current sensor as feedback control to improve the reliability of system operation

Using optical fiber transmission thyristor trigger pulse signal, suppress magnetic-field interference and improve the control system of electromagnetic compatibility to ensure the stable operation of the system.

This set of power system components are all use imported or domestic products with high quality, make strict inspection to the device, and fully guarantee the reliability of the equipment.

uPower Saving

Save energy and increase revenue, electrical energy is a costly and valuable resource and one of the major cost factors. Therefore Green Power has spent years tuning its systems to provide utilities with the highest efficiency and the lowest electrical losses.

Our solution is based on design criteria that all result in energy savings:

− Optimized transformer and rectifier design

− Customized selection of semiconductor and power fuse

− Shortest possible transformer-rectifier connection

− Custom design to keep current density in power conductors and DC isolators low

uHigh Output Stability, High Control Accuracy

High stability and high accuracy(default <0.5%) ensure high quality electrowinning products.  

TI company's DSP chip, programmable full digital control system, trigger pulse features are consistent.

Using the military level pulse transformer, Pulse asymmetry degree ≤0.1 °, Pulse leading-edge steepness ≤1uS.

Controller is equipped with communication interface, can be communicate with PLC directly,ensure system response time and system processing precision.

uLow Output Ripple

Low ripple(default <5%) ensure high quality electrowinning products.

The optimal transformer adopts 12/18/24/… pulse rectification, through thyristor control angle get lowe ripple with fully conducted condition.

uHigh Power Factor

High power factor reduce reactive power, transformer's capacity and line current.

Thyristor control angle are controlled between 12-25 degrees during system operation, when thyristor control angle is less than 12 degree, the system send tap changer upshift signal; when thyristor control angle is greater than 25 degree, send downshift signal. The signal of upshift and downshift are automatically controlled by rectifier or switched manually, to improve power factor and reduce harmonic content.

uLong lifespan

More than 25 years lifespan, reduce investment.

Reasonable design, high quality parts and materials, excellent craftwork, ensure the high realiability of the Rectifier.

uFriendly HMI

Intelligent and convenient operation and monitor.

Touch screen control, operation and display.

Convenient forming network, analog signal, RS485, communication, convenient remote control.


8. Customer Benefits of digital micro controller

● Consistent high stability in long time, not like analog control resistance and capacitor may change value causing control reliability reduce after some time.

● High control accuracy(up to 1/1000 of max current or voltage)

● Protection self diagnosis and alarm protection type automatically on touch panel, easy for troubleshooting

● Timer counting, stop running when times up

● AmpereHour counting


Control System

● You can preset up to 20 process curves, once you choose one process curve, the rectifiers auto run as per preset process curve.

● One process curve, you can set up to 20 steps (you define V or A value and step process time), auto running based

● Support soft start and soft stop time setting

● Fast responding speed

● Programmable, only reprogramming to DSP, don't need to change hardware like analog control

● Smart communication with PLC, RS485, Profibus, Profinet communication optional, 4-20mA/0-10V signal

● Adapt to different loads


9. Customer Benefits of touch panel HMI 

Green Power touch panel solution will help you full control of the rectifiers and your business, using one touch panel realize all controls and displays, say goodbye to separate control systems. You can control up to 10 rectifiers in one touch panel, you can control up to 20 different process in one touch panel, you can put touch panel on the rectifiers for local control or put away distance for remote monitoring.

● Installed on rectifier or away distance for remote monitoring

● Up to 10 rectifiers share 1 touch panel for saving cost and centralized control and display● Full information of the rectifier running status on touch panel

● All operations on touch panel

● Notify operators protection type automatically for easy troubleshooting

● Set protection parameters: protection value, alarm or alarm+rectifier stop mode for difference protection separately

● Set upto 20 process curves and up to 20 step process parameters

● Set constant voltage or current

● Record history running data

● Record history protections

● Programmablefor custom design

● Different language available

Touch Panel

10. Aluminum anodizing pulse rectifier Operation Conditions

Location: indoor use only

Ambient temperature: 0℃ ~+40℃

Relative humidity: ≤90% (relative to 20±50℃ ).

Power requirement: AC nominal voltage+/-10%, 3 phase 4 line, 3 phase imbalance less than 5%, and meet national electricity quality standard.

Water input temperature(water cooling): 20-35℃

Altitude: less than 2,000 meters(please specify if higher than 2000m)

There shouldn't be excessive amount of dust, explosive and corrosive gas in the air.

The installation place should be without severe vibration, the vertical gradient shouldn't exceed 5%.

The seismic intensity of the installation site is less than 7 on the Richter scale.

Saturated vapor pressure: daily average value is less than 2.2×10-3M pa, monthly average value is less than 1.8×10-3Mpa.

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