20kA 500V SCR Power Supply For Caustic Soda Electrolysis

20kA 500V SCR Power Supply For Caustic Soda Electrolysis

This is Silicon controlled rectifier widely used for DC 20kA 500V SCR power supply for caustic soda electrolysis plant. High Reliability Power Saving High Output Stability, High Control Accuracy Low Output Ripple High Power Factor

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This is Silicon controlled rectifier widely used for DC 20kA 500V SCR power supply for  caustic soda electrolysis plant.


The system is composed of below parts                                                    

  • Three phase oil cooling transformer: include main transformer and voltage regulator with on-load tap changer for voltage regulation at primary. Cooling method: OFWF

  • SCR rectifier: 6 pulses SCR rectifier, double star circuit, each SCR is series connected with fast-acting fuse to protection SCRs.

  • Controller system: DSP based self developed micro controller, including SCR trigger, signal sampling and handling , data storage, PID operation, logic control and communication etc.

  • DC output current measurement unit, high current Hall sensor

  • Water chiller

  • High voltage switch cabinet

  • Filter cabinet

  • Output remote control by communication bus or input/output signals.

  • Complete documentation in paper and electronic form

  • Set of spare parts

  • Connecting bus between the transformer and rectifier not included

  • Input power cables and output DC bus bars are not within scope of supply. 


Advantages of Green Power power supply                                                 

  •  High Reliability

A loss of power results in tremendous loss in production, arc furnace industry do not allow any compromise on reliability of the power supply. Protection measures (e.g high voltage absorbing circuit) adopted to protect components in case of power shortage.

Fully digital control system, anti-jamming, strong ability to resist strong magnetic field, high reliability.

Using high precision current sensor as feedback control to improve the reliability of system operation

Using optical fiber transmission thyristor trigger pulse signal, suppress magnetic-field interference and improve the control system of electromagnetic compatibility to ensure the stable operation of the system.

This set of power system components are all use international famous brands with high quality, make strict inspection to the device, and fully guarantee the reliability of the equipment.

  • Power Saving

Save energy and increase revenue, electrical energy is a costly and valuable resource and one of the major cost factors. Therefore Green Power has spent years tuning its systems to provide utilities with the highest efficiency and the lowest electrical losses.

Our solution is based on design criteria that all result in energy savings:

− Optimized transformer and power supply design

− Customized selection of semiconductor and power fuse

− Shortest possible transformer-power supply connection

− Custom design to keep current density in power conductors and DC isolators low

  •  High Output Stability, High Control Accuracy

High stability and high accuracy(default <0.5%) ensure high quality electrowinning products.  

USA TI company's DSP chip, programmable full digital control system, trigger pulse features are consistent.

Using the military level pulse transformer, Pulse asymmetry degree ≤0.1 °, Pulse leading-edge steepness ≤1uS.

Controller is equipped with communication interface, can be communicate with PLC directly,ensure system response time and system processing precision.

  •  Low Output Ripple

Low ripple(default <5%) .

The optimal transformer adopts 12/18/24/… pulse rectification, through thyristor control angle get lowe ripple with fully conducted condition.

  •  High Power Factor

High power factor reduce reactive power, transformer's capacity and line current.

Thyristor control angle are controlled between 12-25 degrees during system operation, when thyristor control angle is less than 12 degree, the system send tap changer upshift signal; when thyristor control angle is greater than 25 degree, send downshift signal. The signal of upshift and downshift are automatically controlled by power supply or switched manually, to improve power factor and reduce harmonic content.

  • Long lifespan

More than 25 years lifespan, reduce investment.

Reasonable design, high quality parts and materials, excellent craftwork, ensure the high realiability of the power supply.

  • Friendly HMI

Intelligent and convenient operation and monitor.

Touch screen control, operation and display.

Convenient forming industrial network, analog signal, RS485, Profibus communication, convenient remote control.


Technical Data                                                                               

 Max. Output current 20KA
 Output voltage 500VDC
 Rectifier efficiency ≥98.6%
 Power factor up to 0.9 at output range
accuracy ≤±1%
 Harmonics THDi≤5%
 ripple 3%
 power supply output pulse no 6 pulse
 power supply cooling method:  water cooling




  • 1000+ power supplies per month capacity

  • ERP System for Internal Management

  • 16000m2 factory

  • Flow line assembly lines

  • Experienced capable production

  • management team

  • Qualified workers team

  • Strong craftwork ability

  • High efficiency

  • factory-1


 Technical Capability                                                                                     

  • Company Technical Capability Introduction

  • High-tech company

  • More than 20 years power electronics R&D and engineering experience

  • Talented technical team, Ph.D degree

  • Experience in industrial applications more than 20 years, have rich experience of both technical design and onsite service.

  • Mutual R&D with universities

  • Patent and Software Copyright certification

  • Self developed DSP(USA TI company's chip) digital controller

  • Self developed and designed products

  • Products design meet UL, CE , CSA and etc. standards

Self Developed DSP Controller



1 year warranty period. The guarantee covers defects in design, materials and manufacturing.  

If a fault happens in power supply, feedback the fault phenomenon and pictures, we give troubleshooting advice in most quick time.

If it is within warranty period, we provide free spare parts and ship to you by DHL, Fedex to door at most quick time.


 After sale service                                                                         

uTechnical training

uSpare parts

uTechnical support

uTroubleshooting guide

uEfficient response, reply email within 1 hours during day time(7:00am.-11:00pm UTC+8)

u16 hours Skype online(7:00am.-11:00pm UTC+8)

u16 hours mobile online(7:00am.-11:00pm UTC+8)

uGo to side if necessary

Packaging and Shipping                                                         

Plywood packing, suitable for export and import, strong for long distance transportation.

Package total


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