SCR Rectifier 38kA40V For Electric Arc Furnace Heating

Our SCR rectifier has been widely used as a external DC power supply for industry factories in many countries and got the customer's high praise and affirmation.

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SCR Rectifier 38kA40V for electric arc furnace heating



      Our SCR rectifier has been widely used as a external DC power supply for industry factories in many countries and got the customer's high praise and affirmation. 



 2. Working principle                                                                                                      


The power supply main circuit topology structure is 12 pulse double star rectification, convert AC 3 phase 11KV to 41V through transformer, then 0~40V DC voltage, shown as the picture above. It adopts water cooling method, has over heat, output over voltage/current, water under pressure, limit voltage/current etc. protection functions. If failure, there will be alarm. Every bridge arm is parallel connected by three thyristors (one for spare), if one thyristor is broken, the other two could still work normally.

 3. SCR rectifier technical parameters                                                                             


Technical parameters

AC input


DC output voltage

0-40V continuously adjustable

DC output current

0-38KA continuously adjustable

Output current stability 

≤0.5% (between 30%~100% load voltage)

Power factor

≥0.85   (at full load)

Voltage reserve coefficient


Current reserve coefficient


Cooling method

Water cooling

Inlet water pressure


Inlet and outlet water pressure difference


Water quality

deionized softened water

Inlet water temperature



Overheat, input over current , output over   voltage/current, under water pressure and under water flow etc.

 4.SCR rectifier structure diagram                                                                                    

The SCR rectifier system has high voltage switch cabinet, transformer, power supply cabinet and water chiller.



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