Reliable Quality High current Pulse Power Supply For Metal Plating

We provide high efficiency, high accuracy, high reliability, high frequency IGBT based rectifier for electroplating industry.The main pulse power supply types is high current,such as 1000A 1500A 2000A 3000A 4000A 5000A 10000A 20000A up to 400000A for plating 0-100% adjustable.

Product Details

Reliable Quality High current Pulse Power Supply For metal Plating

Application Industry

     Our pulse power supplies are widely applied for metal and plastic plating, rack plating, barrel plating and continuous plating, plating types include: 

   * Chrome plating and hard chrome plating;

   * Nickel plating;

   * Copper plating;

   * Zinc plating;

   * Galvanizing;

   * Tin plating;

    * PCB plating

    * Gold plating

    * others


Rectifier Spare parts 

   All components has passed our strict QC.

Rectifier Accessories 

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 Main parameters 

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Normally for the accuracy,no one can do as low as 0.05%,which is our selling point.
Top China engineering team for your high standard requirement.

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