Rectifier For Semiconductor Chip Plating Like Gold & Rhodium UL CE CSA

Rectifier For Semiconductor Chip Plating Like Gold & Rhodium UL CE CSA

Rectifier for semiconductor chip plating like gold plating & rhodium plating, etc. Rather high technique.

Product Details

Rectifier for semiconductor chip plating like gold & rhodium UL CE CSA


Rectifier for semiconductor chip plating like gold plating & rhodium plating, etc.

Chip Core Process Plating:

microsecond, narrow pulse, constant current source, high accuracy, pulse programmable


1. Pulse parameters:

(1) the rising edge is less than 400ns

(2) pulse frequency: 0-300KHZ

(3) pulse width modulation frequency division rate: 1μs 

2. Constant Current 

0.1% constant current precision

low ripple

3. Friendly HMI interface, parameter programmable


The electroplating rectifiers are widely applied for metal and plastic plating, rack plating, barrel plating and continuous plating, plating types include: 

   -Chrome plating and hard chrome plating;

   -Nickel plating;

   -Copper plating;

   -Zinc plating;


   -Tin plating;


We provide high efficiency, high accuracy, high reliability, high frequency IGBT based rectifier for electroplating industry. 

Modular based, support convenient current expansion through modules parallel connection, compact size.

Provide multiple remote control communication options. 


          Green Power IGBT switch mode rectifiers are designed to give best electrical performance for
electroplating process and get excellent plating quality, to replace diode or SCR based oil cooling rectifiers
thanks to its many ecomonical benefits to the user. The rectifiers are modular design, module power up to 30kW  for air cooling, up to 40kw for water cooling, reducing user's power comsumption and integrated with ampere hour control for dosing system, timer control and RS485 series communication interface.

Block Schematics

Technical Data
.  Rectifier type: IGBT high frequency rectifier, modular structure
.  Working duty: 100% 24 hours continuous running
.  Supply voltage: 415V/380V/220V AC ±10% 3 phase 4 line, 50-60Hz
.  Rated output voltage: DC 6V-24V
.  Rated output current: DC 100A to 50000A
.  Output range: 0-100%
.  Control Accuracy: ≤±0.5%
.  Power factor: ≥0.94
.  Efficiency: typical 90% at rated output
. Current ripple: ≤2% of rated output current at constant current mode, low ripple
  in whole range, provide good plating quality
. Control mode: constant current/constant voltage
. Cooling: Forced air cooling, Water cooling.
. Protection class: IP32 for air cooling, IP54 for water cooling
. Insulation grade: B(insulating materials allowed temperature rise than ambient temperature 130℃)
. Protections: Output overcurrent protection
Short circuit protection
Over heat protection
Input over/under voltage protection
IGBT Driving protection
Water pressure protection
. Ambient temp.: Max. 40℃, derated operation up to 50℃
. Altitude: ≤2000m altitude. De-rated operation if higher.
. Humidity: Max. 90% RH, non-condensing

we use international brand components, the rectifier is high quality

Control board: digital control board, USA TI(Texas Instrument) companys DSP chip, self developed DSP digital controller

IGBT:Germany Brand Infineon

Diode:TAIWAN brand DACO

Film capacitors:GERMAN brand EPCOS


Current sensor:Switzerland LEM

Touch panel:China MCGS,OEM company of Siemens,same quality as Siemens.

Main switch , breaker, relay & other switches:Germany SCHNEIDER

Very high quality & reliable transformer & bus bar

High quality craft work & wiring.

Cabinet 2mm thick cold-rolled steel sheet, surface treatment powder coated & anti corrosion treated

High frequency transformer: use Nanocrystalline material as core, it is high efficiency, long time reliable running.

Bus bar: use high purity red copper bus bar, the purity of copper is 99.9%.

Cooling pipe main pipe stainless steel, flexible tube is PVC, water connector is stainless steel. 

Our company capability:   

 (1) Stong technology ability , we have More than 20 years power electronics R&D and engineering  experiencecs, high-tech company, with patents, software copyrights.



   (2) Strict quality control process. 


  Each control board are through 72 hours high temperature and low temperature reliability testing, all manufactured products will be tested at full load. 



   (3) Production capacility:

      We have 8000 m2 production factory with 1000 units production capacility per month. 


  (4) Service:

        We provide fast and professional service. 



plastic wrap---foam---plywood case




Email: amy at

Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 185 0098 3665

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