2000A 12V IGBT Rectifier for Electroplating Zinc Copper Chrome Gold Nickel

Green Power IGBT Switch mode rectifiers for plating have the advantages of Europe quality, Europe technology, power saving more than 20%, modular design, compact size, high power factor,less plating time, not affected by input power fluctuation.

Product Details

IGBT Rectifier for electroplating zinc copper chrome gold nickel 

1000A 12V, 1000A 18V, 2000A 12V, 3000A 15V, 5000A 15V, 5000A 24V, 10000A 12V, 20000A 12V, 10000A 24V, 25000A 12V


IGBT Plating Rectifier video on Youtube:


1. Switch Mode Rectifiers for Plating Introduction

Switch mode rectifier for plating is a series of switch mode rectifiers designed to meet all surface treatment requirementsof metals and plastics. As a technology specialist in power supplies, Green Power provides wide range of power solutions for various electroplating process, including for nickel plating, copper plating, zinc plating, gold plating, silver plating, chrome plating, hard chrome plating, tin plating, cadmium plating. Based on high speed IGBT PWM technology, Green Power IGBT plating rectifiers provides high efficiency and performance with module structure with compact size, meeting all process requirements and guarantee the user excellent results.

2. We have the best power supply for your electroplating application

Electroplating rectifiers provide reliable and stable DC power supply for various electroplating process covering metal plating and plastic plating, plating on brass, bronze, steel etc., used for barrel plating, rack plating and continuous plating line. Typical types including igbt plating rectifier 1000A 15V, plating rectifier 2000A 12V, copper plating rectifier 1500A 12V, current rectifiers for plating 3000A 12V, gold plating rectifier 500A 12V, ac to dc rectifier 5000A 12V, used plating rectifiers 300A, 100A 12V etc. power supplies.  

IGBT plating rectifier.png

3. Why Green Power's switch mode power supplies could replace SCR rectifier? 

Green Power's Switch mode power supplies have many advantages over SCR rectifier, therefore, they are now more and more used for electroplating process to replace SCR rectifier. 

The main advantages of Green Power pulse IGBT plating rectifiers over thyristor rectifiers(SCR) include but not limited to:

● Same high reliability as SCR rectifier, long time 7 days 24 hours continuous running

● High conversion efficiency, power saving at least 17% than SCR rectifier. E.g for 1000A 12V plating rectifier, suppose 6300 hours running time one year, saving power 18,613kwh than SCR rectifier.

● Not affected by power fluctuation, 100% output, don't need extra capacity

IGBT rectifier adopts AC-DC-AC-DC topology, 3 phase AC is firstly converted to DC, which has capacitors for energy charging and discharging, it will suppress power fluctuation, so rectifiers don't need bigger capacity than actual use. 

SCR rectifier doesn't have energy buffer function, it is affected directly by the grid power fluctuation, so it always keeps much extra capacity and increase user's investment cost.

● Pulse output needs less plating time, customer feedback 40% shorter time needed for plating

● Modular design, the advantages of modular design:

  • Rectifier won't break down: in case of one module failure, the rectifier continues working with reduced power

  • Less downtime and easy recovering: plug-in structure, replacing module directly, downtime is shorten to minimum, this reduces potential high cost of your plant stop and increase your plant's availability and productivity.

  • Current expansion available: thanks for the modular design and supporting parallel connection, if you need more power, you only need to add more modules.

  • Reduce current rating to save power: if you don't need all modules working, you can switch off some modules, rectifier can work at lower rating.

  • Less floor space occupied: the rectifiers can be built on top of each other(rack mounted), making them easy to fit into your plant's design, optimizing floor space.

  • Easy to install and maintain: each rectifier consists of up to ten modules and naturally two or more stacks can be connected to allow higher currents (up to 40kA) and voltages (up to 200V DC).

  • Separate output or parallel running output available: you can let the rectifier modules with separate outputs to be connected to more tanks, or in parallel connecting to get higher current for one tank.

Module Design.jpg

● Compact size, modular structure, e.g. air cooling 1000A 12V size only 525*600*310mm, weight is only 58kg. much less size and weight than SCR rectifier, don't need forklift

IGBT Over SCR.jpg

1000A 12V.jpg2000A 12V.jpg
1000A 12V air cooling2000A 12V air cooling          

● Low pollution to grid, power factor>0.94

● Lower cost for the same specification

Overview of IGBT rectifier advanteages

Comparison of IGBT rectifier and SCR rectifier

Green Power IGBT RectifierSCR Rectifier
Power semiconductorIGBTSCR
Voltage regulation modePWM modulationSCR Phase shift
Cost for same specsLowerHigh
Working frequency10-20KHz50-60Hz
Average efficiency (full load)>90%<75%
Power savingyes, about 17% saving from SCRno
Effect by power fluctuation LessMore
Plating timeLess, about 40% saving from SCRno saving
Power factor (full load)≥0.94≤0.78
Regulation speedHigh Slow
Response time to load variationvery high ≈1msSlow
AccuracyVery high, 1/1000 of max current or voltageacceptable
Shift phasenoyes
Parallel ability(multi-tower)Easy, in CC or CV mode, modular designvery difficult
Loss at no load/Vout ONLowHigh
Loss at no load/Vout OFFLowHigh
Reverse speedFast in CC or CV modeVery slow
Ripple changeIndependent to output voltage, 
keeping constant in all output voltages
Ripple increases when output voltage reduces, 
with bad influence to electroplating quality

Customer feedback about our IGBT rectifier over SCR Rectifier:

Customer feedback on our IGBT Rectifier Over Thyristor Rectifier.jpg

4. Green Power Technology-the core of rectifier reliability

  • 20+ years R&D and engineering experience, exported to 30+ countries, including USA, Germany, UK, India, Pakistan, Israel, Chile etc.
    High-tech company

  • Our own patent and software copyrights

  • Our own know-how through 20+ years experience

  • DSP Digital control: Ensures 20+ years reliable high control accuracy; Protection self diagnosis and alarm protection type automatically on touch panel, easy for troubleshooting

  • Touch panel HMI: installed on rectifier or away distance for remote monitoring; Full information of the rectifier running status on touch panel; All operations on touch panel

  • Modular design: Module separate output, in case of one broken, others continue working to support rectifier won't break down; Support direct output parallel connection; Compact size, less floor area occupied; easy to integrate with your equipment.

  • Unique insulation design

  • Unique heat dissipation design 

5. Green Power Quality-the basis of process reliability

We provide top quality, high reliability, low fault rate of rectifiers, ensuring your electroplating line smooth continuous running.

Components used are all good quality and excellent performance: 

1. Control board: DSP digital control, 20+ years high control accuracy, not like analog control, accuracy will reduce after some time. 

2. Cabinet: use 2mm thick strong cold-rolled steel plate or aluminum coated zinc plate.  

3. High frequency transformer: Nanocrystalline material as transformer core, high efficiency saving power, long time reliable running. 

4. Bus bar: red copper bus bar, the purity of copper is 99.9%, tin plated, not like others may use brass or aluminum inside. 

5. Cooling fan: use Taiwan or Japan brand high quality fan, with lifespan 100,000 hours under 25℃. 

6. Touch panel: control and display all parameters on one panel for local use or remote monitor, say goodbye to separate controls. easy for troubleshooting, while there is protection, it will show protection type automatically. 

7. Capacitor: Taiwan brand reliable capacitors. 

8. IGBT: Germany or Japan brand. 

9. SMPS: Taiwan brand. 

10. Rectifier diode module: good quality brand. 

11. Current sensor: good quality brand. 

12. Cables, wires, screws: good quality brands.

IGBT Plating Rectifier for Copper Chrome Gold Nickel Power Saving 20% .png

Production craftwork: 

Using 3D design software for design, well trained workers, with uniform installation and wiring regulation. 

By well-trained professional workers at higher wages.

Full load factory testing:

  • Digital PCB board reliability test

  • PCB board function test

  • Rectifier function test

  • Rectifier protection test

  • Touch panel function test

  • Communication test

  • Full load power test

  • Temperature rise test

IGBT Plating Rectifier for Copper Chrome Gold Nickel Power Saving 20% .png

6. Main technical parameters

1). Cooling options: 

Air cooling IGBT rectifierWater cooling IGBT rectifier

2).  IGBT plating rectifier Available Interfaces with PLC:

3). IGBT plating rectifier Operation Modes:

4). IGBT plating rectifier Protections: 

The rectifier provides the following protections, user could set rectifier stop delay time, and stop / not stop rectifier in case of protections.

Protection type

Protection value

Rectifier action

Short circuit protection

  Rectifier stop immediately

Over/under input voltage protection

Nominal input voltage+/-10%

  Could set stop or not stop rectifier

Driving protection


Alarm, rectifier stop immediately

Over heat protection


  Could set stop or not stop rectifier

Over current protection

Rated output current+100A

  Could set stop or not stop rectifier

Over voltage protection

Rated output voltage+2V

  Could set stop or not stop rectifier

  5). IGBT plating rectifier Technical Parameters:

  Input voltage

Single phase 220VAC for rectifier below 3kw.
3 phase 230VAC, 380VAC, 415VAC, 440VAC, 480VAC, 550VAC, 600VAC

Output DC current

Up to 50kA

Output DC voltage

Up to 500V

Output regulation range

0-100% of max currentor voltage

Control accuracy

1/1000 of max current or voltage

Operation Mode

Constant current and constant voltage, constant power


<3% on request


>90% (typ.) @ rated load
>92% (>= 100VDC) @rated load

Degree of Protection

IP30 for air cooling
IP44, IP54 for water cooling on request

Power factor

>0.93 @ rated load

Insulation grade


Working mode

100% 24 hours continuous running

Alarm type

Audible and visual alarm

6). IGBT plating rectifier process control parameters:

Input to rectifier:

Output from rectifier:

  • Set current

  • Set voltage

  • On/Off

  • Start/stop

  • Set control mode (CC/CV, local/remote)

  • Set run time

  • Set pulse time

  • Set manual/auto

  • Emergency stop

  • Set rectifier-stop delay time

  • Actual current

  • Actual voltage

  • Actual power

  • Run signal

  • Run mode(CC/CV, Local/remote)

  • Alarm signal

  • Alarm cause

  • Run time

  • Ampere hour

  • Water pressure(for water cooling)

  • Communication status

7). IGBT plating rectifier Operation Conditions

Looking for IGBT Plating Rectifier for electroplating zinc copper chrome gold nickel? Ours with power saving 20%, module type, small size, easy maintenance. 1000a 2000a 3000a 5000a 10000a 12v etc. Green Power Technology is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers. We have been dedicated to this field for over 20 years and already exported products to India, USA, Germany, etc. Equipped with a productive factory, we warmly welcome you to buy our high quality products made in China at competitive price, or try our customized service.

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