IGBT Economic Series 600A 12V Rectifier For Electroplating

IGBT Economic Series 600A 12V Rectifier For Electroplating

IGBT Economic Series 600A 12V rectifier for electroplating

Product Details

Warmly welcome to order IGBT Economic Series 600A 12V rectifier for electroplating in our factory.


  • R&D for 20 years

  • Top level technology

  • Self manufactured

  • Strict quality control

  • 50 rectifiers for one order


ups power supply is aplied to:

Electrochemistry: Plating, anodizing, electro polishing, electrolysis, electro winning, electro refining, electronic cleaning, tinning, pickling, surface coloring, cathod protection

Heating: Inductive heating, DC heating, single phase AC heating

Water treatment: Waste water treatment, seawater desalination




Input voltage:380~440VAC 3 phase 4 line

Output DC Voltage:0~12V

Output DC current:0~400A

Cooling method:air cooling

Analog control, 

With potential meters and buttons,


1 years warranty

Company Information

Green Power Supply Co., Ltd. is UK based company, Green Power Co., Ltd., have R&D and production in China. Hubei Green Power is subsidiary company and manufacturing factory of Green Power 

Green Power are diversified technology company and global professional manufacturer of power supplies and power quality products, dedicated to consistent R&D for more than 20 years, High-tech company Also provide OEM, ODM, CEM for international partners Have R&D office and factory more than 16000m2.



Quality Control

We always follow ISO9001 quality management system to do the quality control, and provide qualified Power Supplies and Power Quality products to worldwide customers. Follow below quality control process.

1.PCB board reliability testing • In-house automatic SMT soldering, strict quality control process for PCB board • Complete PCB board function testing • 72 hours PCB board reliability testing • Strict quality check to the PCB solding quality by qualified supplier • PCB Board in-house SMT Soldering

PCB Welding, GP

2.PCB Board 72 hours Reliablity Aging Test


Buyer Feedback

And our customers give us feedback that electroplating time with 40% saving and the surface is very even and smooth. 

From Mexico feedback:

From Germany feedback:

Certificate 1.pngCertificate 2.png 

Overseas agent

We have overseas agent such as Germany, India, Korea, Mexico, South Africa etc. for local service and support. 


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