Hot Selling IGBT Rectifier 100A To 30000A Modular Design Exported To More Than 40 Countries

Hot selling IGBT rectifier 100A to 30000A modular design exported to more than 40 countries 1.Application Hot Selling: Igbt rectifier 100A to 30000A modular design exported to more than 40 countries. Electrochemistry : Plating, anodizing, electro polishing, electrolysis, electro winning, electro...

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Hot selling IGBT rectifier 100A to 30000A

modular design exported to more than 40 countries

IGBT rectifier


     Hot Selling: Igbt rectifier 100A to 30000A modular design exported to more than 40 countries.

Electrochemistry: Plating, anodizing, electro polishing, electrolysis, electro winning, electro refining, electronic cleaning, tinning, pickling, surface coloring, cathode protection

Heating: Inductive heating, DC heating, single phase AC heating

Water treatment: Waste water treatment, seawater desalination

Others: other fields require DC power supply

  IGBT rectifier application

 2. Technical principle                                                                                                      


      The main circuit mainly includes: Input three-phase uncontrolled rectifier module, high-frequency inverter, high-frequency transformer and output full-wave rectifier module. The control system takes DSP controller as the core, including isolated driver, output current, sampling , output feedback, input overvoltage, protections, overheat protection, HMI interface, CAN communication, etc. 

 3. IGBT rectifier advantages                                                                                          

1. Power saving because of GP IGBT rectifier has higher efficiency than SCR rectifier

2. Modular structure, small size, standard module about 1/6 size of SCR/Diode rectifier   

3. Anti corrosion treatment:

   Have corrosion proof coating (powder coated cabinet) to protect from corrosive environment. 

   All the PCB assemblies is humi- sealed/lacquer coated.

   Partially sealed designs protect critical electronics from harsh environment.

   Stainless steel bolts, nuts, screws etc are used.

4. Wide range input voltage: +/-20% input voltage

5. Reliable quality, 100% output 365 days, 24 hours non-stop continuous running

6. Suitable for hot temperature environment

7. Analog control, Buttons, digital meter, lamp

8. RS485  remote control interface

9. Short circuit, output over current, over heat, IGBT driving fault protections

10. Easy maintenance

 4. IGBT rectifier type                                                                                                   

 6V/8V/10V/15V/18V/24V/36V/48V of our IGBT rectifier is optional or according to customers' request, the current range is 500A-40000A, Customized service is also available if you need.

1.     Air cooling type


2.     Water cooling type



 5. IGBT rectifier technical data                                                     


Data Item


Rectifier type

IGBT high frequency rectifier, modular   structure, easy for maintenance

Rated Output: DC

100A to 30000A

Rated Output: DC


Optional or according to customers’ request

Input voltage

380V/415V/440V/480V AC +-10% 3   phase 5 line, 50Hz

Mechanical type

Modular Design

Output regulation range


Control mode

Constant current/constant voltage   selectable


Air   cooling or water cooling



Working mode

100% 24 hours continuous running

Alarm type

Audible and visual alarm

Corrosion coating.

For Enclosure and main circuit board   components

Power recovery

Yes.After power resuming the power supply   to the rectifier, 
  rectifier could switch on immediately and start rising up to set current.

Power factor




IP degree


Remote   control



 6. IGBT rectifier application case                                                 

IGBT Rectifier used for customer plating line. After using our rectifiers, our customers give us the feedback that electroplating time with 40% saving and the surface is very even and smooth.



 7. IGBT rectifier quality control                                        

   1.Inspection of incoming material and homemade wires


2. Intermediate inspection,

Factory Commisioning, Problem Record



3.PCB board reliability testing



4.Full load testing



 5.Temperature rising test and record



 6.Commissioning Test Report


 8. Sales network                                                     


 9. Certifications                                                     

Our products, with UL, CE, CSA, ISO 9001, High Technique Company; Software Copy etc. Certifications.