60V Power Supplies For Silicon Ingot Crystal Growing UL CE

Green Power Dule IGBT power supply 60V for monocrystal silicon growth main heater and bottom heater has the advantages of high efficiency, high reliability, high stability, high power factor, long time continuous running etc. advantages. Integrate power supplies for main hearter and bottom heater with dule independent output.

Product Details

 60V Power Supplies  For Silicon Ingot Crystal Growing

1. Single crystalsilicon grower power supply application 

Dule IGBT Power supply for crystal growing furnace is for making monosilicon crystal silicon, single crystal silicon is widely used for PV solar power application. Green Power Dule IGBT power supply is to provide DC power supply for production of the silicon.
Use as single crystal grower furnace bottom heater power supply and side heater power supply, in inert gases, using graphite heater with high temperature to melt poly crystalline silicon material which was kept in quartz crucible; then put seed into silicon liquid and grow single crystal silicon by CZ process in accordance with automatic programs.



2. Advantages of Green Power Monosilicon Power Supply 

3. Customer Benefitsof modular solution
Green Power has developed module based IGBT pulse rectifiers, which have the following advantages:

4. Technical Specification 

Input voltage

3 phase 380VAC, 415VAC, 440VAC, 480VAC 50-60Hz

Rectifier type


Output DC current

2300A, 2500A typically for main heater, 1500A, 800A for bottom heater

Output DC voltage

55V, 60V typically

Output regulation range

0-100% of max currentor voltage

Control accuracy


Operation Mode

Constant current and constant power


>92% (typ.) @ rated load

Harmonics content

THDi<5% on request

Power factor

>0.98 @ rated load


Water cooling or air cooling

Degree of Protection

IP30 for air cooling
IP44, IP54 for water cooling on request

Insulation grade


Operation condition

Non stop operating at full load for more than 20 hours

Working mode

100% 24 hours continuous running

Control and display

By touch panel for all controls and display

Alarm type

Audible and visual alarm

Available Interfaces with PLC

Analogue 0-10V
Analogue 4-20mA

Operation Modes

Manual, Automatic


Power voltage over/under voltage protection

Output over voltage protection 
Output current limit protection

Short circuit protection
Over heat protection 

IGBT driving protection
Water under pressure protection

Water over temperature protection

Heater to earth short circuit protection

5. Working Condition





Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Storage temperature



﹤0.5g without severe vibration



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