Clean And Efficient Water Treatment Power Supply

Clean And Efficient Water Treatment Power Supply

Our power supply for water-treatment and electrolysis power supplies is built upon its reliable current-fed power processing technology, flexible control, and a wide range of standard models.

Product Details

Clean and efficient Water treatment power supply

 1. Application Industry 

 Water treatment power supply electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen. When an electric current passes through water (H2O), hydrogen (H2) is formed at the cathode through reducing water. Electrolytic water converts electrical energy into chemical energy.

 At the anode, oxygen (O2) is formed by oxidizing water. The production of hydrogen is about twice that of oxygen. Electrolytic water is the next generation of hydrogen fuel which replaces steam reforming to produce hydrogen.

    Principle program:

The simplest electrolytic water unit usually consists of a power supply, two electrodes (cathode and anode) and an electrolyte (mainly water). Water gains electrons in the cathode and is reduced to hydrogen, while water loses electrons in the anode and is oxidized to oxygen.

 2. Working principle 

 3. Features 


 4. High quality components 


 Control board: Analog control, Anticorrosion treatment.

  • Cabinet: use 2mm thick strong cold-rolled steel plate or aluminum coated zinc plate.
  • High frequency transformer: use Nanocrystalline material as core, it is high efficiency saving power, long time reliable running.
  • Bus bar: use red copper bus bar, the purity of copper is 99.9%, not like others may use brass or aluminum inside.
  •Cooling fan: use Taiwan or Japan brand high quality fan, with lifespan 100,000 hours under 25℃.
  •Touch panel: control and display all parameters on one panel for local use or remote monitor, say goodbye to separate controls. easy for troubleshooting, while there is protection, it will show protection type automatically.
  •Capacitor: Taiwan brand reliable capacitors.
  •IGBT: Germany or Japen brand.
  •SMPS: use Taiwan brand MEANWELL.
  •Rectifier diode module: China best quality brand, some other supplier use other lower quality brand.
  •Current sensor: China best quality brand.
  •Cables, wires, screws: use best quality 


 5. Our workshop 

  • 1000+ power supplies per month capacity

  • ERP System for Internal Management

  • 16000m2 factory

  • Flow line assembly lines

  • Experienced capable production

  • management team

  • Qualified workers team

  • Strong craftwork ability

  • High efficiency  




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