Air Cooling Power Supply For Crypto-mining Farm Data Center UL CE CSA

Air Cooling Power Supply For Crypto-mining Farm Data Center UL CE CSA

Our data center Power Supply has been widely used for crypto-mining farm datacenter. One power supply working for many circuit boards. With protection of overload, overheat, overcurrent and low voltage, short circuit etc.

Product Details

Air Cooling Power Supply for crypto-mining farm data center


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3 phase 220V, 380V,480V, 600V(+-10%) AC input,50Hz/60Hz

DC output 0-15V, 0-2000A

Ripple: 300mV

Regulation range: 0-100%

Accurancy: 1%

Efficiency: >90%, 

constant current /constant voltage mode

Cooling mode: Water cooled/ Force Air Cooling

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product description

Our data center Power Supply has been widely used for crypto-mining farm datacenter.

One power supply working for many circuit boards.

With protection of overload, overheat, overcurrent and low voltage, short circuit etc. 


According to our experiences, our Power Supply for crypto-mining farm datacenter with below advantages:

(1).Ripple as low as 300mV;


(2).Output accurancy <1%;


(3).Efficiency >90%, evergy saving;


(4).DSP digital control(USA TI company's DSP chip), reliable and stable performance for more than 20 years. 

Besides, DSP control with advantage of accuracy as high as 1%, fast response speed, software programmable etc.


(5). High performance price ratio, much cheaper than European brands even we have the higher level of technology and same level quality, data center Power Supply one module with air cooling could be up to 30kW.


(6). Modular design, compact size, less space occupied, easy for capacity enlarging, shipping, installation and maintenance etc. 


(7). Touch panel for easy data setting, data record, data download and auto protection display.


We have TUVus, UL1654, CE, ISO 9001, High Tech Company Certificate, Software Coplyright, Patents etc


RS485 remote control(Modbus), Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet(TCP/IP) etc.


Our data processing center power supply all reliable for you.


Sales team 16h/day online, contact us now: amy at 



16000m2 for headquater, workshops and office.

capacity 1000 sets/month

5S management for production,

QC rather reliable.



TUVus, same as UL 1564;


High Technique Company;

Software Coply;

ISO 9001


Overseas agent


We exported to more than 40 countries, and have agents in more than 10 countries.

If you are our distributor, your contact could be displayed on our website for marketing together.

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360 degree service

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Technical support:

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Quality assurance:

1 year warranty                  

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