AC-DC Power Supply 500A50V For Electrolysis Of Water

AC-DC power supply 500A50V for electrolysis of water 1. Application Industry Electrolysis of water is its decomposition to give hydrogen and oxygen gases due to the passage of an electric current. 2H 2 O + electrical energy (+ heat energy) = O 2 + 2H 2 The AC-DC power supply is connected to two...

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AC-DC power supply 500A50V for electrolysis of water

 1. Application Industry 

Electrolysis of water is its decomposition to give hydrogen and oxygen gases due to the passage of an electric current.

2H2O + electrical energy (+ heat energy) = O2 + 2H2


The AC-DC power supply is connected to two electrodes, or two plates (typically made from some inert metal such as platinum, stainless steel or iridium) which are placed in the water. Hydrogen will appear at the cathode (where electrons enter the water), and oxygen will appear at the anode. Assuming ideal faradaic efficiency, the amount of hydrogen generated is twice the amount of oxygen, and both are proportional to the total electrical charge conducted by the solution

 2. Technical parameters 

Parameters name

Parameter   value

Input voltage

3 phase AC 380V, 480V, 415V,  220V   ±10%, 50-60Hz 

Output DC current

Rated 500A

Output DC voltage

Rated 50V

Protection class

Up to IP54


>90% @ rated output

Power factor

≥0.93 @ rated output

Ambient temp.

Max. 50°C


Water or forced air cooling

 3. Technical parameters 

The AC-DC power supply adopts high quality IGBT as main power devices, uses ultracrystalline (also known as nanocrystals) soft magnetic alloy as main transformer core, diode rectifier bridge, film capacitor, quick recovery diode.

The main control system uses PWM technology. Power supply products structure reasonable, high reliability.

Our power supply with advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, high reliability and superior performance become SCR (silicon controlled) power supply replacements. 


 4. Quality control  

We always follow ISO9001 quality management system to do the quality control, and provide qualified Power Supplies and Power Quality products to worldwide customers. Follow below quality control process.

1.PCB board reliability testing 

  • In-house automatic SMT soldering, strict quality control process for PCB board

  • Complete PCB board function testing

  • 72 hours PCB board reliability testing

  • Strict quality check to the PCB solding quality by qualified supplier

  • PCB Board in-house SMT Soldering


2.PCB Board 72 hours Reliablity Aging Test


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