90A 60V Water Treatment Rectifier

1. User-oriented mechanical design Easy maintenance Module structure Sub assembly structure, very easy to replace parts Compact size 2. Reliable material and components All material and components used are high quality IGBT brand: Fuji or Infineon 3. Excellent performance Accuracy: <0.5%...

Product Details

1. User-oriented mechanical design

2. Reliable material and components

3. Excellent performance

4.Power Range


Application Field

The IGBT rectifier is used for the fields wherever require DC output power. such as:

Electrochemistry: Plating, anodizing, electro polishing, electrolysis, electro winning, electro refining, electronic cleaning, tinning, pickling, surface coloring, cathode protection

Heating: Inductive heating, DC heating, single phase AC heating

Water treatment: Waste water treatment, seawater desalination

Others: other fields require DC power

Special discount compact size metal water treatment rectifier


Performance highlights

v High reliability

v Energy saving

v Space saving

v Modular power platform

v Multi-tower interconnection

v High power factor

v High accuracy and stability

v High intelligence

v Easy operation and maintenance

v RS485, Profibus-DP, Profinet communication

v Low current ripple



Technical parameters


Product basic introduction

The ce certificate igbt rectifier for zinc plating line IGBT switch mode high frequency pulse rectifier adopts PWM technology realizing AC-DC conversion, 365 days continuously supply DC power for applied load. 

The rectifier is made up with the following subassemblies:

500A 16 hours skype online puls data processing center power supply

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