500A300V Electro Phoretic Rectifiers (CED Coating) Supplier Thyristor or IGBT based

500A300V Electro Phoretic Rectifiers (CED Coating) Supplier Thyristor or IGBT based

Application: Green Power is 500A300V Electro Phoretic Rectifiers (CED Coating) Supplier . We could according to your requirements custom design. IGBT rectifier of SCR rectifier. CED Coating P rocess The preparation steps for E-coat are identical to plating steps in that the metal surface must be...

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Green Power is 500A300V Electro Phoretic Rectifiers (CED Coating) Supplier. We could according to your requirements custom design. IGBT rectifier or SCR rectifier.

CED Coating Process

Electrocoating, which is also referred to as electro deposition, electrophoretic deposition, CED Coating, CED Painting or electropainting, is an organic finishing process that uniformly applies thin-film primers and one-coat finishes to metallic substrates.

CED coating is used extensively in the automotive industry. In this process, the component after phosphate pre-treatment is dipped in the bath of E-coat chemicals and given an electric charge. The coating gets deposited on the component and then it is removed from the bath, washed and then baked.

This technology gives an organic finish on metal part/component by electrically depositing paint on it. Cathodic electrocoating are high performance coatings and can withstand the harshness of exterior environment.

The preparation steps for E-coat are identical to plating steps in that the metal surface must be chemically clean. 

Typical steps in an E-coat process for metal parts: 

1. Cleaning 

2. Rinsing

3. Acid etching

4. Rinsing

5. Wetting agent dip

6. E-coat

7. E-coat rinsing and recovery

8. DI Rinsing

9. Curing with either convection or infra-red oven(or both)


CED Coating Rectifier Thyristor Rectifier Technical data

CED coating rectifier SCR rectifier


Thyristor  Rectifier

Input voltage                         

AC 3 phase 220V/380V/415V/480V ±10%, 50Hz/60Hz, or KV high voltage

Rated output voltage

Custom design, up to 1000V

Rated output current

Custom design, up to 5000A

Output DC current range

DC 0-100%

Transformer cooling method

Dry type or oil cooling

Insulation grade 

H, A

Transformer installation place

Indoor, inside or outside of power supply cabinet

Transformer Silicon steel sheets 

adopt top quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet with high permeability and low loss

Tap changer


Circuit configuration

3 phase bridge or double star

Output pulse

6 pulse or 12 pulse

Whole system efficiency including transformer and power supply

Higher than 90% 

Power factor

Higher than 0.9 at rated output

Constant current accuracy

Within +/- 0.5%

Constant voltage accuracy

Within +/- 0.5%

Control mode

Constant current, constant voltage 

Current Ripple


Harmonics TDHi

Custom design

Thyristor rectifier cooling method

Water cooled or forced air cooling


Color touch panel

Remote control interface

RS485, Profibus, Profinet


Grounding detection and grounding fault alarm

Thyristor RC snubber

Fast action fuses and etc.

Over heat

Output over voltage

Output over current and etc.

CED Coating Rectifier IGBT Rectifier Technical data

CED coating rectifier IGBT rectifier


IGBT  High Frequency Switch Mode Rectifier


Modular design

Working duty                 

100% 24 hours continuous running 

Input voltage                         

220V/380/415V/480V AC ±10% 3 phase 4 line, 50-60Hz

Rated output voltage

Custom design

Rated output current

Custom design

Output range


Control Accuracy


Power factor



typical 90% at rated output

Current ripple

<5% at rated output,low ripple in whole range

Control mode

constant current/constant voltage


Air cooling or water cooling

Protection class

IP32 for Air cooling,IP44 for Water cooling

Insulation grade



Touch Panel on control box

Remote control interface

Standard RS485, Profibus, Profinet, 0-10V/4-20mA available

Alarm type

Audible and visual alarm


Output overcurrent protection 

Over heat protection

IGBT Driving protection


Digital DSP control(USA TI DSP Chip)

History date record function

Waveform function

History protection record function


Anticorrosion treatment

Ambient temp

Max. 40℃, derated operation up to 50℃


≤2000m altitude. De-rated operation if higher

IGBT Rectifier Advantages Over SCR Rectifier

◆ Same level of reliability

The quality is same level by using IGBT rectifier as conventional SCR rectifier.

◆ Higher power factor in the whole range

◆ Lower output ripple

◆ Modular design

In case of one module is faulty, stop working won't affect other modules continue running and keep continuous operation of CED coating process

◆ Not affected by input voltage fluctuation

◆ Higher efficiency

◆ High regulation accuracy

◆ Fast response time

◆ Wide output voltage range

◆ Power saving

Through IGBT PWM technology, rectifier conversion efficiency is much higher than conventional SCR rectifier, thus saving power of user dramatically. 

Benefit to User


High Power Rectifiers ensure your process operating under all conditions

High performance – the base for your productivity: 

     − High Reliability: every measure to ensure the reliability of the system 

     − Power Saving: optimized design to get maximized efficiency

     − High accuracy DC output current control

     − Low output ripple

     − High power factor

     − Friendly HMI

Lowest total cost: 

    − Maximized availability 

    − Maximized electrical efficiency 

    − Minimized maintenance 

    − Highest personnel safety 

    − Longest lifetime: properly maintained rectifier system can last more than 25 years

    − Shortest installation and commissioning

Smart digital control for immunity to interference, good automatic control system, for your easy                                   operation and control

Life cycle service – for customer satisfaction: technical training, local service, always online

Benefit to User

Email: alice@bjgreenpower.com

Mobile/whatsapp: +86 13810151476

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