170A35V Air Cooling IGBT Power Supply For Sewage Treatment

170A35V Air Cooling IGBT Power Supply For Sewage Treatment

Our rectifiers are for many different applications, such as low voltage high current plating/anodizing, crystal growth heating, melting furnace heating, waste water treatmeng and battery charging etc.

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170A35V Air Cooling IGBT Power Supply for Sewage Treatment



     With increasingly heavier water pollution, the sewage treatment has become the focus of global attention. In the past ten years, the booming field of sewage treatment is showing a very broad application prospects.

     There are two kinds of DC power supply system for sewage treatmen: linear power supply and switching power supply. The traditional linear power supply has many defects in practical application. For example, the linear power supply can only be used for reducing voltage, and the input and output need to be separated, the design becomes more loaded. Its biggest drawback is that the power consumption is too large, the efficiency of the power system is relatively low.

     Because of its high efficiency, small size and light weight, switching power supply has become the first choice of modern electrical equipment.



 2. Technical data                                                                                                                    

Parameters name

Parameter value

Input voltage

 3 phase AC 380V / 440V / 415V, 50-60Hz 

Output DC current

Rated 0A~175AWe accept customization

Output DC voltage

0~35V We accept customization

Protection class

Up to IP32


>90% @ rated output

Power factor

≥0.93 @ rated output

Ambient temp.

Max. 50°C


air cooling

Regulation range

Stepless at constant voltage  or       current 0-100%

Control precision


Duty ratio

Continuous  operation at rated       loads up to 2000m altitude

Control mode

Constant current/voltage/power

Operation mode


Relative humidity


Communication interface

RS485, 0-10V/4-20mA

Communication protocol

MODBUS,Profibus, Profinet, TCP/IP

Polarity reversal


Module separate output


Parrallel connection module number

No limit

Remote control box



Touch panel or digital meters/buttons


Plywood packing for export

  3. Technical principle                                                                                                              


      The main circuit mainly includes: Input three-phase uncontrolled rectifier module, high-frequency inverter, high-frequency transformer and output full-wave rectifier module. The control system takes DSP controller as the core, including isolated driver, output current, sampling , output feedback, input overvoltage, protections, overheat protection, HMI interface, CAN communication, etc. 

  4.  HMI functions                                                                                                                 


 5.  Protection functions                                                                                                     

      The rectifier provides below protections to protect the rectifier and the system.


 6.Quality control                                                                                                                   

   We always follow ISO9001 quality management system to do the quality control, and provide qualified Power Supplies and Power Quality products to worldwide customers. Follow below quality control process.

  1.PCB board reliability testing 


     2.PCB Board 72 hours Reliablity Aging Test


  7. Company information                                                                                                            

     Green Power are diversified technology company and global professional manufacturer of power supplies and power quality products.

  • 1000+ power supplies per month capacity

  • ERP System for Internal Management

  • 16000m2 factory

  • Flow line assembly lines

  • Experienced capable production

  • management team

  • Qualified workers team

  • Strong craftwork ability

  • High efficiency



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