10000A24V Aerospace Hard Anodizing Rectifier

10000A24V Aerospace Hard Anodizing Rectifier

Application This is IGBT rectifier for 10000A24V Aerospace Hard Anodizing Rectifier . Modular design. High power factor. GP IGBT Rectifier Advantages and Benefit: 1. Cost effective; 2. Power saving and bill saving because of higher efficiency than SCR rectifier; 3. Modular structure, small size,...

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This is IGBT rectifier for 10000A24V Aerospace Hard Anodizing Rectifier. Modular design. High power factor.

10000A12Vchrome plating1

GP IGBT Rectifier Advantages and Benefit:

1. Cost effective;

2. Power saving and bill saving because of higher efficiency than SCR rectifier;

3. Modular structure, small size, about 1/6 size of SCR/Diode rectifier, saving space; 

4. Anti corrosion treatment, longer lifespan:

With corrosion proof coating (powder coated cabinet) to protect from corrosive environment.

All the PCB assemblies is humi- sealed/lacquer coated.

Partially sealed designs protect critical electronics from harsh environment.

Stainless steel bolts, nuts, screws etc are used.

5. Wide range input voltage: +/-20% input voltage, support wide fluctuation range;

6. Reliable quality, 100% output, 365 days, robust, production line 7*24 hours reliable non-stop running;

7. Touch panel: protection with automatic alarm and fault indication, history data record, with output waveform, easy operation, maintenance and monitoring;

8. Amperehour counting function, no need extra ampere hour meter, saving cost.

9. Timer function, easy reading and control running time, no need extra timer;

10. Suitable for hot environment, continuous running under high temperature;

11. Digital control to ensure control reliable more than 15 years, long time reliable;

12. RS485, 4-20mA, 0-10V PLC remote control interface for free, easy for PLC control;

13. Short circuit,DC output overcurrent, over heat, IGBT driving fault protections etc., better protect human and equipments.

14. Easy maintenance, shorten maintenance time and reduce labor work;

15. Short lead time 1 weeks for standard power;

16. Lifespan technical support, no worry of after sale service;

17. Reply you within 24h, Online 16h/day, get reply efficiently.

Main technical data

1. AC Input


Input AC phase

3 phase 4 line(A,B,C)


Input line voltage(V)



Voltage Fluctuating Range



Input Frequency(Hz)


2. DC Output


Rated Output Current(A)

10000A DC


Rated Output Voltage(V)

24V DC


Output mode and range

Constant Current, 0-100% of rated value

Constant Voltage, 0-100% of rated value



100% full load


Control accuracy

Within 1.0% of rated output voltage

3. Electrical Features


Regulation mode




Local touch panel


Power Efficiency(Full Load)



Power Factor(Full load)



Cooling Method (specify altiude if air cooling)

Air cooling or water cooling optional


IP degree



Insulation Grade



Working Mode



Alarm type

Audible and visual alarm

Rectifier Main Functions

  • Constant current, constant voltage setting

  • Local, remote control setting

  • Output current or voltage setting

  • Time setting

  • Amperehour control for dosing system

  • Manual/auto mode

  • Timer reset

  • Amperehour reset


  • Rectifier stop delay time setting

  • Protection shield function

  • DC output voltage, current, power display

  • Rectifier running status display

  • Alarm indication and sound

  • Communication status indication

  • Running time display

  • Amperehour display

  • Protection cause automatic display

  • Circuit board are anti corrosion treated, screws are stainless steel material.

  • Keep last time setting mode and output value when power-on again

  • In case of power failure, after power resuming, the rectifier could switch on automatically and start rising up to set current.

  • Alarm type: Audible and visual alarm

  • History date record function

  • Waveform function

  • History protection record function

  • Waveform function

  • History protection record function

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