IGBT Power Supply 5000A12V For Data Center

IGBT Power Supply 5000A12V For Data Center

IGBT power supply 5000A12V for data center 1. Application A data center is a building used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems . It generally includes backup components and infrastructure for power supply , data communications...

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IGBT power supply 5000A12V for data center


 1. Application   

A data center is a building used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes backup components and infrastructure for power supply, data communications connections, environmental controls and various security devices. A large data center is an industrial-scale operation using as much electricity as a small town.

Power supplies are very important for a data center, they should prevent single points of failure and are often made to achieve N+1 redundancy in the systems. Static transfer switches are sometimes used to ensure instantaneous switchover from one supply to the other in the event of a power failure.

   Our IGBT power supply 5000A12V has been used for data center and got the customer's high praise and affirmation. The main distinguishing features are: 

l   Modular design

l   Programmable software control

l   Provide multiple communication, suitable for automatic control system

l   High efficiency, energy saving

l   High power factor

l   High accuracy and stability

l   High intelligence

l   Easy operation and maintenance

l   Compact size, light weight

data center

 2. Technical data  


  3.  Mechanical configuration   


  4.  Protection functions  

Protection type

Protection value

Rectifier action

Driving   protection

IGBT   module CE voltage abnormal or IGBT damaged

Alarm,   Stop

Over   heat protection


Over   current protection

Water   under pressure

Inlet   water<0.02MPa, alarm.

Inlet   water pressure<0.01MPa, alarm and stop running

Water   over pressure

Inlet   water pressure 0.55MPa, alarm and stop

  5. Outside layout   


LED   display of running status




Touch   panel


3   phase AC input(A,B,C,N)


4-20mA   analog signal interface


Output   + busbar


RS485   interface


Control   box interface


Water   outlet


Output   - bus bar


Water   inlet

  6. Cooling water pipe connection 

     5000A/12V, G1(1 inch, 25.4 mm), male screw, equipped with valve with female screw.


  7.  Communication connection  

   (1)The rectifier is equipped with RS485 Modbus communication, with below interface, connection place please refer to the below picture.


       (2)The rectifier is equipped with remote 4-20mA signal connection please refer to the below picture.


   8.  Touch panel functions  

     The HMI panel functions is powerful and can provide a variety of state to meet customer needs.


  (1) Communication Status:

  (2) Display output current, voltage, water pressure, amperehour counting etc.

  (3) Ampere Hour reset

  (4) Timer setting

  (5) Output Setting

  (6) Running mode display

Control Mode: Local control (control by touch pane) or Remote control

Output Mode: Constant Voltage or Constant Current

  (7) Running status display

Running: always red-Stopped status, green flash-running

Alarm: gray-no protection, red flash-there is protection 

  (8) Waveform

  (9) Daterecord

  (10) alarmdescription

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