Sodium Hypochlorite Power Supply For Membrane Electrolysis Up To 100kA 1000V

Application This is high power thyristor rectifier system used for Caustic Soda Rectifier for Membrane Electrolysis Up to 100kA 1000V. Working Principle of Membrane Electrolysis The raw material of chlor-alkali electrolysis is common salt (NaCl). An electrochemical reaction according to the...

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This is high power thyristor rectifier system used for Caustic Soda Rectifier for Membrane Electrolysis Up to 100kA 1000V.


Rectifier System Diagram for the Chlor-Alkali Industry

The rectifier system is composed of input high voltage switchgear, voltage regulating transformer for on load tap changer(OLTC), rectifier transformer, rectifier, DC switch, cooling water heat exchanger, power factor & harmonic compensation facility. 

To get higher power factor and lower ripple, 12 pulse configuration is commonly adopted.    

The system circuit diagram and system block diagram are shown here. 



Green Power Provides the DC Power Supply During Electrolysis with the Membrane Process


Main Parameters

Input AC voltage

AC 3 phase kV level, 50Hz/60Hz

Rated output DC voltage

Up to DC 1000V

Rated output DC current

Up to DC 100kA

Design Standard

IEC-60146       Semiconductors converters

IEC-60076       Power transformers

IEC-61378       Converters transformers

Power factor at input @rated load

Not less than 0.9 through on load tap changer without power factor improving capacitor banks, above 0.97 after compensation

Efficiency @ rated load


Stability of output current at set point

Within ±0.5%

Type of control

Digital control

Ingress protection class of rectifier panel


Ambient temperature for design purpose

Max. 50℃

Rectifier pulse

Thyristor based, 6 pulse, 12 pulse, 24 pulse or more

Type and mode of control

Constant current


150% for 1 minutes, 110% for 5 minutes, 100% long term

Rectifier thyristor cooling

Forced water cooled(cooling water is deionized water)

Transformer cooling method


Transformer installation place

Indoor or Outdoor


Color touch panel

Remote control interface

4-20mA/0-10V signal and dry contacts, Modbus/Profibus/ Profinet communication

Thyristor N-1 redundancy


Heat exchanger

Deionized water/raw water exchange, with redudancy


Grounding detection and grounding fault alarm

Thyristor RC snubber

Fast action fuses

Over heat

Output over voltage

Output over current

Water pressure

Water temperature

Others required by purchaser

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