500A 12V Electroplating Transformer Rectifier For IGBT

500A 12V Electroplating Transformer Rectifier For IGBT

Customer benefits *Module structure support direct parallel, current expanding *Touch panel for display, operation *Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, 4-20mA, 0-10V for remote control *Fault auto diagnose and alarm *Timer setting, auto OFF *Process Step Setting, auto running *Soft Start & Stop,...

Product Details

AC input
Input AC phase
three phase

Input line voltage(V)
Input frequency

DC Output
Rated output
Constant current
0-100% of rated value

Constant voltage
0-100% of rated value

Electric feature

Power factor

Cooling method
Air cooling

Protection Function
Overload protection
Overheat protection
Overcurrent protection
Low current protection
short circuit

Green Power Data center rectifier advantages

(1).Ripple as low as 300mV;


(2).Output accurancy <1%;


(3).Efficiency >90%, evergy saving;


(4).DSP digital control, reliable and stable performance for more than 20 years. 

Besides, DSP control with advantage of accuracy as high as 1%, fast response speed, software programmable etc.


(5). High performance price ratio, much cheaper than European brands even we have the higher level of technology and same level quality, data center Power Supply one module with air cooling could be up to 30kW.


(6). Modular design, compact size, less space occupied, easy for capacity enlarging, shipping, installation and maintenance etc. 


(7). Touch panel for easy data setting, data record, data download and auto protection display.

 Why choose US

1.Products High Reliability, Europe level quality;
2.First Class Advanced Technology, DSP digital controller;
3.Perfect matching process demand, excellent performance;
4.Competitive price than Europe and USA brands;
5.Easy operation by touch panel, remote PLC control through communication;
6.Quick troubleshooting and repair to shorten stop time;

 Reliable material and components
*Control board: use digital control board
*Cabinet: use 2mm thick cold-rolled steel plate or aluminum coated zinc plate. The cabinet is anti-corrosion treated.
*High frequency transformer: use Nanocrystalline material as core, it is high efficiency, long time reliable running.
* Bus bar: use red copper bus bar, the purity of copper is 99.9%.
*Cooling fan: use Taiwan or Japan brand high quality fan, with lifespan 100000 hours.
*Touch panel: easy for troubleshooting, while there is protection, it will show protection type automatically.
*Capacitor: Taiwan brand reliable capacitors.
*IGBT: Germany or Japan brand.
* SMPS: use Taiwan brand MEANWELL.
* Rectifier diode module: China best quality brand, some other supplier use other lower quality brand.
* Current sensor: China best quality brand.
* Cables, wires, screws: use best quality.  

Green Power Rectifier Application Fields

After sale service

2000A 12V data processing center pulse rectifier

Green Power workshop

16000m2 for headquater, workshops and office.

capacity 1000 sets/month

5S management for production,

QC rather reliable.



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