300A 12V 500A 12V Rectifier Power Supplies Wholesale Project Solution

300A 12V 500A 12V Rectifier Power Supplies Wholesale Project Solution

IGBT switch mode plating rectifier for automatic, manual plating line, with amperehour and timer We are from UK R&D for 20 years Top level technology Self manufactured Strict quality control 1. Application Electrochemistry : Plating, anodizing, electro polishing, electrolysis, electro...

Product Details

300A 12V 500A 12V Rectifier Power Supplies Wholesale Project Solution

1. Application

Electrochemistry: Plating, anodizing, electro polishing, electrolysis, electro winning, electro refining, electronic cleaning, tinning, pickling, surface coloring, cathodic protection, Caustic soda NaOH

Water treatment: Waste water treatment, seawater desalination

Heating: Plasma torch, crystal growth, metal furnace, Gallium arsenide GaAs

Charging: battery charging


 2. Product basic introduction

The CE certificate bridge rectifier adopts PWM technology realizing AC-DC conversion, 365 days continuously supplying DC power for applied load. 

The rectifier is made up with the following subassemblies:

  • Diode bridge

  • IGBT inverter H bridge

  • High frequency transformer

  • Secondary Schottky diodes

  • Capacitors and inductors

  • Control and protection circuit and devices

  • Cooling circuit

  • Remote control box(optional)

3. Main technical data


Input AC power

AC380V+/-10%, 3 phase 4 line

2. DC Output


Rated Output

300A 12V


Output mode and range

Constant Current, 0-100% of rated value

Constant Voltage, 0-100% of rated value



100% full load




3. Electrical Features





Regulation mode




Local touch panel control, no remote control


Power Factor(Full load)



Cooling Method (specify altiude if air cooling)

Forced air cooling


IP degree

IP30, please specify if you require higher


Insulation Grade

B, please specify if you require higher


Working Mode



Alarm type

Audible and visual alarm(on rectifier front panel and touch panel)

4. Mechanical configuration

 500A 12V Dimension 1.png

500A 12V Dimension 2.png 

500A 12V dimension 3.png


5. Functions of Green Power rectifier

  • Constant current, constant voltage setting

  • Local, remote control setting

  • Output current or voltage setting

  • Time setting

  • Amperehour control for dosing system

  • Manual/auto mode

  • Timer reset

  • Amperehour reset


  • Rectifier stop delay time setting

  • Protection shield function

  • DC output voltage, current, power display

  • Rectifier running status display

  • Alarm indication and sound

  • Communication status indication

  • Running time display

  • Amperehour display

  • Protection cause automatic display

  • Circuit board are anti corrosion treated, screws are stainless steel material.

  • Keep last time setting mode and output value when power-on again

  • In case of power failure, after power resuming, the rectifier could switch on automatically and start rising up to set current.

  • Alarm type: Audible and visual alarm

  • History date record function

  • Waveform function

  • History protection record function

  • Waveform function

  • History protection record function

6. Optional functions

*Output polarity reverse

*Remote control box

*Timer setting, auto OFF

*Process Step Setting, auto running

*Soft Start & Stop with time setting

*Save last time output setting,such as keeping 12V while starting

7. All Materials and Components with reliable quality

  • Control board: use digital control board. 

  • Cabinet: use 2mm thick cold-rolled steel plate or aluminum coated zinc plate. The cabinet is anti-corrosion treated. 

  • High frequency transformer: use Nanocrystalline material as transformer core, it is high efficiency, long time reliable running. 

  • Bus bar: use red copper bus bar, the purity of copper is 99.9%

  • Cooling fan: use Taiwan or Japan brand high quality fan, with lifespan 100,000 hours.

  • Touch panel: easy for troubleshooting, while there is protection, it will show protection type automatically.

  • Capacitor: Taiwan brand reliable capacitors.

  • IGBT: Germany or Japan brand.

  • SMPS: use Taiwan brand.

  • Rectifier diode module: China best quality brand.

  • Current sensor: China best quality brand.

  • Cables, wires, screws: use best quality. components.png


8. Excellent workmanship

  • 3D software design

  • well trained workers


9. Advantages of Green Power bridge Rectifier from traditional SCR thyristor rectifier

  • Plating time 40% less than SCR 

  • Electric bill saving >20%

  • PF>0.93

  • Better process quality accuracy <0.5%

  • Size & weight is 50% less



10. Electrical protections 

  • Over/under input/output voltage protection

  • Over/under output voltage/current protection

  • Driving protection

  • Over heat protection

  • Water pressure protection


11. Manufacture

1000 set pulse rectifier per month capacity

factory 2.png


12. Quality control

  • Supplier Evaluation

  • Incoming material inspection

  • Intermediate inspection

  • PCB board reliability testing

  • Factory commissioning

  • Factory test

QC Process.png

13. Packing and shipment

1. Plastic Film inside, 

2. Foam in the middle, 

3. Outside with polywood.

Package total

14. Easy carrying

One person can carry and move it. For 1000A 12V, N.W. only about 58kg.

rectifier-one person can carry.jpg

15. Different powers available

100A 12V

10000A 12V

200A 12V

20000A 12V

300A 12V

30000A 12V

500A 12V

500A 18V

1000A 12V

1000A 18V

1500A 12V

1000A 24V

2000A 12V

3000A 50V

3000A 12V

5000A 80V

4000A 12V

1000A 100V

5000A 12V

2000A 110V

8000A 12V

3000A 60V etc.

structure inside.jpg


16. 360 degree service

Beijing Green Power Service.jpg

Easy to approach: 

1 hour email reply you (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8) 

16 hours Skype online (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8) 

16 hours mobile online (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8)

Technical support:

Technical discussion

Provide technical solution           

Troubleshooting guide 

Technical training 

Quality assurance:

1 year warranty                  

CRM management for quick customer information inquiry

Spare parts available         

Accessories available 

Transport service               


17. Overseas agents

We have overseas agents in UK, US, Germany, India, Korea, UAE, Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, New Zeland & South Africa etc. for local service and support. 

Your inquiries are highly appreciated.







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