10000A 12V High Frequency Plating rectifier Factory

10000A 12V High Frequency Plating rectifier Factory

Our company mainly produce rectifiers which are our strong point, We have rich experiences in this industry and exported more than thousand of units to more than 40 countries. The Products are widely used Chrome,Zine,Nickel,Copper,Gold,Silver etc.

Product Details

Warmly welcome to order 10000A 12V rectifier for plating in our factory. Also we will full provide best qulity and service.



Rectifier is aplied to:

1.Plating: Chrome,Zine,Nickel,Copper,Gold,Silver
2.Metal smelting: Aluminum,Copper, Zine, Lead,Manganese,Magnesium,etc
3.Ionic membrane: Electrolysis of salt,etc
4.Silicon carbide smelting & Graphitization furnace
5.Experimental power supply
6.Copper foil, aluminum foil special power supply
7.Electrochemical: Chlor-alkali, etc
8.Electrolysis: Copper,Zine,Tin,Lead,Aluminum foil,Copper foil
9.Industrial wastewater treatment.


Technical Parameters:

Parameters nameParameter value
Input voltage

3 phase AC 380V, 480V, 415V,  220V ±10%, 50-60Hz 

Output DC current

Rated 1000A~120kA

Output DC voltage

Rated 12V-200V
Protection classUp to IP44

>90% @ rated output

Power factor

≥0.93 @ rated output

Ambient temp.Max. 50°C

Water or forced air cooling

Regulation range

Stepless at constant voltage  or current 0-100%

Control precision


Duty ratio

Continuous  operation at rated loads up to 2000m altitude

Control modeConstant current/voltage/power
Operation mode


Relative humidity


Communication interfaceRS485, 0-10V/4-20mA
Communication protocolMODBUS,Profibus, Profinet, TCP/IP
Process programmingAvailable
Polarity reversalAvailable
Module separate output
Parrallel connection module numberNo limit
Remote control boxAvailable
Spare partsAvailable
HMITouch panel or digital meters/buttons
PackagePlywood packing for export

Green Power Rectifier have below advantages:

(1) Digital DSP control. ensure control more than 15 years reliable

(2) Modular structure, compact size, light weight. 

(3) Touch panel HMI, will show  protection automatic alarm and fault indication, history data record, output waveform

(4)RS485, 4-20mA, 0-10V PLC remote control interface for free, easy for PLC control;

(5) Anti corrosion treatment

(6) Power saving because of GP IGBT rectifier has higher efficiency than SCR rectifier

(7) Wide range input voltage: +/-20% input voltage

(8) Reliable quality, 100% output 365 days, 24 hours non-stop continuous running

(9) Easy maintenance, shorten maintenance time and reduce labor work;

(10)Short lead time 2-3 weeks for standard power;

(11)Lifespan technical support, no worry of after sale service;


 Quality Control:

Green Power has below measures to ensure quality:

1)“Quality First” concept in our whole company.

2)Well-trained employees in every position, pursue high quality work outcome.

3)Reliable design based on strong technical ability and more than 20 years experience in power supply industry, DSP digital control.

4)Reliable material and components, USA TI DSP chip, Film capacitor used, and so on.

5)Quality ensured assembly & wiring, standardized craftwork.

6)Quality control in each process, IQC, IPQC, OQC.

For more details, welcome check the website quality control measures: http://www.gprectifier.com/quality-control.


For plating industry, we have below special solutions: 

1). For corrosion by chemical, we have good anti-corrosion solution to that: 

  • Powder coated cabinet

  • All PCB assemblies is humi-sealed/lacquer coated

  • Partially sealed design to protect critical electronics from harsh environment

  • Stainless steel bolts, nuts and screws etc.

2). Provide local service engineer to do after sale service and installation

3). Spare parts available for whole life running

Below is our bulk shipping pic for your reference, we will use polywood packag.


All the goods will be packed in carton or wooden case or bag carefully. We will make sure all product is compete when it arrive. We guarantee that all the packaging is intact when it reaches its destination .

The package will be shipped by DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT or EMS Please choose one of them, after we shipped the parcel, we'll fill in the tracking number and inform you by E-mail. Pls write the correct address and telephone number when you make orders. So we can delivery the product for you.


1. 6weeks after you payment.

2. Transport: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, Air shipping, Boat shipping.

3. You may choose our shipping partner or your own partner. 

About our company introduction, welcome to you check our website www.gprectifier, and youtube link: https://youtu.be/VMMHVM-iDn0

We have 16000 m2 production factory with 1000 units production capacity per month. 


We have overseas agent such as Germany, India, Korea, Mexico, South Africa etc. for local service and support. 

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