Quality Control

1. Quality Control Process

We always follow ISO9001 quality management system to do the quality control, and provide qualified Power Supplies and Power Quality products to worldwide customers. Follow below quality control process. 

green-power-quality-management-system.jpg TUV-us-Certificate.jpg

          ISO9001:2015 Certificate                                 TUVus Certificate(same as UL)


In the production process, we set quality control points and make inspection and testing in each step.


2. Quality Control Management Department

•  Set special quality control management department for company's quality management

•  Quality analysis meeting each month

•  Set incoming inspection(IQC), In-process inspection(IPQC), Outgoing Quality Control(OQC) spectors

•  Set finished products function testing and aging testing commissioning department


                                   Incoming Inspection Record(IQC record)


                                                  IPQC and OQC record

3. Reliable design

•  More than 20 years R&D and engineering experience, know application load well

•  Design according to UL, CSA, CE, IEC, GB standard 

•  Safe and reliable electrical design and component selection

•  Design evaluation for new products development 

•  Safe and easy maintenance mechanical design

•  Self developed software control system and software programming

•  USA TI company's DSP chip, self developed hardware and software, fully digital control, more than 20 years reliable control with consistant high accuracy and reliablity. 

4. Reliable suppliers and reliable material and components

•  All outsourced materials and components are purchased from qualifed suppliers, annual review to qualified suppliers

•  Choose branded and reliable suppliers

•  All materials and components are reliable quality after our long time use and proved quality 

•  Have one set of supplier management system

•  Incoming IQC for all incoming materials

•  ERP system for supplier management and quality management


5. Excellent craftwork图片2.png

•  Using 3D mechanical design software

•  Standardized assembly and wiring guidance 

•  Well trained workers, have uniform installation and wiring regulation


6. Protection against corrosive environment (cabinet and hardware)

•  Have corrosion proof coating (powder coated cabinet) to protect from corrosive environment. 

•  All the PCB assemblies is humi- sealed/lacquer coated.

•  Partially sealed designs protects critical electronics from harsh environment.

•  Only stainless steel bolts, nuts, screws etc are used.

7. PCB board reliability testing 

•   In-house automatic SMT soldering, strict quality control process for PCB board

•   Complete PCB board function testing

•   72 hours PCB board high temperature and low temperature aging testing

•   Strict quality check to the PCB solding quality by qualified supplier


                                     PCB Board in-house SMT Soldering

PCB-board-aging-test.jpg PCB-board-high-temperature-testing-in-aging-room.jpg

            PCB Board High Temperature and Low Temperature Aging Test

8. Full load testing

• Full load testing load

• Circulated water cooling system

• Match different input voltage: 220V, 380V, 415V, 440V, 480V and high voltage input

• Testing instrument

       FLUKE power analyzing instrument

       FLUKE harmonic testing analyzing instrument



       Temperature measurement device

       Current measurement clamp

•  Full load factory testing

•  Well-educated experienced commissiong engineer

•  Well-educated professional quality check engineer



Final Products Factory Testing Record

9. Testing Videos