Rack Type, Wall Mounted Active Harmonic Filter

Rack Type, Wall Mounted Active Harmonic Filter

Dynamically compensate 2-50 times all harmonics or specific harmonics Reduce harmonic to less than 5% What Is Harmonic? A harmonic of a wave is a component frequency of the signal that is an integer multiple of the fundamental frequency ,. i.e. if the fundamental frequency is 50Hz , the...

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rack type, wall mounted free parallel connection active harmonic filter


  • Dynamically compensate 2-50 times all harmonics or specific harmonics

  • Reduce harmonic to less than 5%



What Is Harmonic?


A harmonic of a wave is a component frequency of the signal that is an integer multiple of the fundamental frequency,.


i.e. if the fundamental frequency is 50Hz, the frequencies of the next harmonics are: 100 Hz (2nd harmonic), 150 Hz (3rd harmonic), 100 Hz (4th harmonic) etc.


rack type, wall mounted free parallel connection active harmonic filter



rack type, wall mounted free parallel connection active harmonic filter


rack type, wall mounted free parallel connection active harmonic filter

Main nonlinear load includes:

  • UPS

  • Switching power supply

  • Rectifier

  • Frequency inverter

  • Frequency adjustable air conditioner

  • Inductive heating furnace

  • Electronic computer

  • Charger

Main harmonics polluting industries: 

rack type, wall mounted free parallel connection active harmonic filter


rack type, wall mounted free parallel connection active harmonic filter



Product Description


Product Function:

aktive harmonic filter is a new electronic harmonic filtering device to reduce voltage harmonic and current harominic and improve power quality.


Based on voltage source inverter, its connected in parallel with non-linear loads which need to compensate.


For compensating harmonic current which is with changing Amp and frequency and reactive power, it overcomes the shortcomings of traditional passive filter. It has the advantages of high compensation accuracy and fast dynamic response etc.

rack type, wall mounted free parallel connection active harmonic filter


APF adopts innovative intelligent control algorithm, through space vector modulation technology, generates compensation current with equal value and opposite direction to harmonics and reactive power and puts it into electric network and achieves harmonic suppression and reactive power dynamic compensation.



150A multilevel active harmonic filter

Main Technical Parameters


400V APF

480V APF690V APF
Rated input AC line voltage380V480V690V
Input voltage range-40% ~ 20%-20% ~ 20%-30% ~ 15%
Electric network3 ph 3 line, 3 phase 4 line3 ph 3 line3 ph 3 line
Rated current25A/35A/50A/60A/100A
Free parallel connection
Power quality improvement function2-50 harmonics selectable, adjustable
Reactive compensation
Unbalance compensation
Fast response time<50μs<100μs
Full response time<15ms<20ms
Filter abilityTHDi<5%
Target power factor-1 to 1 adjustable
Communication interfaceRS485, internet interface
Communication protocolModbus, TCP/IP
ProtectionsOver voltage, under voltage, short circuit protection, inverter bridge reverse protection, over compensation protection
InstallationWall type/rack typeCabinetCabinet
Elevation<1500m, power rating reduced at 1500-4000m
Ambient temperature-10°C- 40°C
Relative humidity5%-95%, without condensation



Comparison with Europe active filter


BrandBeijing Green PowerEurope brand
Product Picture
Input AC Voltage380V/480V/690V400V/480V
Input AC Range(V)380V -40%~ 20%/
480V -20%~ 20%/
690V -30%~ 15%
Input Frequency (Hz)50/60HZ /-5%47Hz-63Hz
Dimension of 50A
Module Quantity 
for Parallel
not LimitedMax 5
Installation WayRack/Wall-mountedCabinet
CoolingIntelligent Air CoolingForced Air 
with Inner Liquid
Filtering Range

2~50 harmonic and it can be filtered

at the same time

2-50 harmonic
Appointed Time Harmonic Filter

Yes 2~50 harmonic optional,and LCD

and software monitor

Switch FrequencyAverage 20KHz16KHz
ControlFFT & Instant Reactive PowerFFT
Topology3-leve Inversion2-level Inversion
Response TimeFast Response Time≤50us,
Full Response Time≤5ms

Reactive Power (VAR)


Yes.Efficiency ≥99%Yes
3 Phase Balace CompensationYesYes
Overload Protection

Yes,Auto Current Limit at 100%

Rated Output

250% for 10ms

Ethernet,RS485,Modbus Protocol,

TCP/IP Interface,Dry Contact

Ethernet, TCP/IP Interface
PC SoftwareYes,All Data With Setting InteractionYes, AHF Viewer


Summary: Beijing Green Power active filter general performance is better than Europe brand. The items with red color is better performance.


Active harmonic filter other features

  • Have user-friendly operating software for easy operation.

  • Could withstand load short circuit shock, and restart after removal of short circuit.

  • Automatically eliminate resonance, not affected by electric network impedance and system impedance change.

  • Could simultaneously filter 2-50 harmonics in three-phase four -line distribution system, and is able to choose compensation or not for each harmonic from 2-50 harmonics .

  • The system has fast and complete fault self detection features, including undervoltage or overvoltage , overcurrent, fan failure , power devices over temperature , input fuse failure etc. fault self detection, all fault could be alarmed by APF and automatically taken corresponding actions.

  • APF’s high-frequency carrier itself can not be feedback to electric network.

  • Overcompensation must be avoided during filtering, i.e. APF could realize only filtering without generating reactive power to avoid over compensation completely, or by setting target power factor, the remaining energy after filtering is used for reactive power compensation.

  • Have soft start control loop to avoid too large inrush current while starting and to limit the current within rated range.

  • When the system is powered down, the filter could be automatically disconnected; After system recovery, the filter can be automatically restored.


Selling Points

Selling Points


CE Certification



1) Is there a warranty? If so, how is it fulfilled?

Yes.Normally 1 year. If necessary,we will supply you spare parts with cargo in advance.


If with problem,show us vedio or pictures,plus discription,we will give you the solution and replacement part free to you soonest.Quick troubleshoorting.


And in some case,our engineers will come to you for onsite test or commissioning.


All consideration for you.


2) Are spare parts available?

Sure,normally IGBT,control board etc.All original ready for you.


all components with our strict QC.


3) Is there repair training available?

Yah.You can come to us for face to face training,or our engineers to you,or our vedio and manual to show you how to repair.


And originally our quality reliable, and design all for customer's convenience,easy repair.Don't worry.

4) Is it possible we could get a demo unit?

No matter distributor or end customer,we will show you the demo unit,MOQ=1 set.

5) Do you have any English phone technical support?

Yes.Our professional sales and engineering team with fluenrecent English,if you need,we can dicuss on the phone for technique support.Plus,Online talk available,e.g.Skype or QQ,wechat etc.

6) On the sizes you quoted me, can they be connected in parallel?

Yes,our design is based on module,so you can make all (e.g. 10 modules) in parallel for current expansion,easy repair,lower shipping cost etc.And with easy operation.

7) What is the lead time?

Normally our lead time about 20 days.But in your urgent case,we will try our best to work out a solution for you.


All components in stock at our side,but design,production and aging test etc. still take time.


R&D ability

  • Self developed control board

  • Self designed products

  • Self electrical engineer, mechanical design engineer, software engineer

  • More than 20 years power electronics engineering ability



360 degree service




Easy to approach:


1 hour email reply you (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8)


16 hours Skype online (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8)


16 hours mobile online (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8)


Technical support:


Technical discussion


Provide technical solution


Troubleshooting guide


Technical training


Quality assurance:


2 year warranty


CRM management for quick customer information inquiry


Spare parts available


Accessories available


Transport service




Alibaba e-Credit online



Overseas agent


We have overseas agent such as Germany, India, Korea,South America, South Africa, Australia etc. for local service and support.



rack type, wall mounted free parallel connection active harmonic filter

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