APF Improve Power Factor Up To 0.99 UL CE CSA

APF Improve Power Factor Up To 0.99 UL CE CSA

Design of cabinet integration and modularization Internal structure applies 3H Bridge design and boasts better stable operation. Dynamic response in time: response time<100μs and complete response time<10ms. Overall efficiency: ≥97% (rated power)

Product Details

APF improve power factor up to 0.99 UL CE CSA


What is APF?

Active Harmonic Filter (APF/STATCOM) is a new active electronic harmonic filtering device  to reduce voltage  harmonic and current  harmonic, improve power factor and improve power quality.

APF Application

• Chemical industry
• Coal mine industry
• Electroplating industry
• Foundry industry
• Forging industry
• Medical industry
• Machinery production
• Commercial building
• Oil drilling
• Papermaking industry
• Steelworks
• Plastics industry
• Textile industry

Dynamic compensation, doesn't depend on system impedance and not easy to happen resonance.

Compensate harmonic and reactive power at the same time.

 Adjust reactive power value continuously, not affected by grid frequency


The other key features of APF are as follows:

l  Design of cabinet integration and modularization

l  Internal structure applies 3H Bridge design and boasts better stable operation.

l  Dynamic response in time: response time100μs and complete response time10ms.

l  Overall efficiency: ≥97% (rated power)

l  Low noise: ≤65dB

l  Harmonic filtration ratio: ≥95%

l  Flexible offset way: amplitude settings can be performed for harmonic offset at each level selected

l  Easy to operate with user-friendly interface.

l  Protection functions for over-current, overvoltage and overheat etc.

l  Auto current limitation, as the output current ≥ the rated, the current will be limited.


Working Principle of APF

Through the external current transformer CT, theAPF detect realtime grid current or load current the controller extract the fundamental current harmonic current through the fast Fourier transform,get active power, reactive power and negat­ive sequence data by the DQ rotation coordinates, generate compensating current into power grid with same value opposite direction as compensating target (harmonic, reactive power, 3 phase imbalance) through IGBT power converter, realize power quality improvement. 


Main Specification

Rated current







Rated   Voltage


Electrical   Wiring

Three-phase   three-line and three-phase four-line

Rated   Working Frequency


Compensation   mode

1. Compensate harmonics, specified harmonic select

2. Compensate harmonic and reactive power, some types   available

Filter Range

3-50 harmonics(specified   harmonic selectable)

Filter   level

Amplitude compensation setting   for specified harmonic

Auto   Current Limitation



Auto Diagnosis and   Protection

Overheat protection, heatsink exceeds 65℃, fans will be started   automatically

Voltage loss protection(system voltage lower than UN85%),   breaker carry out voltage loss proetction

Load over current protection

Compensation over current protection

System voltage protection

DC   voltage protection

IGBT protection(IGBT inside temperature exceed 108℃, alarm IGBT fault)

Impulse   current

2 times of IGBT rated current

Filter   ability


Overload   ability


Multi-Unit   Operation Mode

Parallel operation

Switching   Frequency


Response   Time




Display   Mode

Touch   screen

Communication   Function

Modbus   RTU Protocol

Control   Connection

Fiber or   electrical connection

Protective   Class


Cooling   Method

Intelligent   wind cooling


≤65dB   (A sound level)

Factory workshop

APF jia3.jpg

APF jia1.jpg

Green Power Advantages

•       Rich experience for industrial applications

•       Mature and advanced technology, R&D of power supply for 20 years

•       Europe quality, high reliablity and high stability

•       Reliable, efficient and robust, Maximum efficiency and reliability and trouble-free  integration, give you technical performance that boosts productivity and allows a high  return  on investment on your plant

•       High performance price ratio, optimised power supply design& reasonable power supply   price

•       Product easy operation and quick troubleshooting

•       Efficient service



We have CSA, TUVus, UL1654, CE, ISO 9001, High Tech Company Certificate, Software Coplyright, Patents etc. 



Factory with 5S control.

With 16000m2 facility, production 1000 sets/month.


Our  battery charger for Warehouse robot Automated Guided Vehicleall reliable for you.

Why Choose Us?

u  Rich experience: More than 20 years design, production and service experience for electrowinning

u  Strong technical ability:PhD technical team, more than 20 years technology accumulation, first class technology.

u  Reliable quality:Designed, manufactured, tested as per strict reliability standard, ensure reliable running

u  Considerate service: Professional service before, during and after sales. Lifelong after service system. Customer management system

u  High performance price ratio:With Europe quality, competitive price than Europe.

Reliable material and components


Fuji(Japan) or Infineon(Germany)

Rectifier diode

MACMIC or Sanrex


MACMIC or IXYS(Germany), DACO(Taiwan)

Current sensor

Beijing Sensor Electronics

Touch panel

MCGS(OEM manufacturer of Siemens)

Quality control process



Packing and shipmentPackage total

360 degree service

Easy to approach: 

1 hour email reply you (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8) 

16 hours Skype online (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8) 

16 hours mobile online (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8)

Technical support:

Technical discussion

Provide technical solution           

Troubleshooting guide 

Technical training 

Quality assurance:

2 year warranty                  

CRM management for quick customer information inquiry

Spare parts available         

Accessories available 

Transport service               


Alibaba e-Credit online    



Service skype: beijinggreenpower.amy


Website: www.gprectifier.com





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