Active Harmonic Filter APF Reduce Harmonic THDi<5% UL CE CSA

Active Harmonic Filter APF Reduce Harmonic THDi<5% UL CE CSA

Active harmonic filter (AHF) is a new active electronic harmonic filtering device to reduce voltage harmonic and current harominic and improve power quality.

Product Details

Active Harmonic Filter APF Reduce harmonic THDi<5% UL CE CSA

APF Introduction

Active harmonic filter (AHF) is a new active electronic harmonic filtering device to reduce voltage harmonic and current harominic and improve power quality.

Based on voltage source inverter, it's connected in parallel with non-linear loads which need to compensate.

For compensating harmonic current which is with changing Amp and frequency and reactive power, it overcomes the shortcomings of traditional passive filter. It has the advantages of high compensation accuracy and fast dynamic response etc.

Why Should APF and SVG?

Because of power quality problem exist, and cause many problems:

Power quality problem:


Waveform distortion because of harmonics

What is Harmonic? 

A harmonic of a wave is a component frequency of the signal that is an integer multiple of the fundamental frequency.

i.e. if the fundamental frequency is 50Hz, the frequencies of the next harmonics are: 100 Hz (2nd harmonic), 150 Hz (3rd harmonic), 100 Hz (4th harmonic) etc.



How APF beneficial to customers?

After Harmonic compensation

Improve equipments reliability, reduce economical loss caused by equipment false action.

Reduce line heating, reduce insulation aging, improve safety and reliability of electricity using.

Reduce resonance probability of compensation capacitor, improve the safety of the electricity using.

Reduce electromagnetic interference produced by harmonic, ensure communication system normal operation.

Meet national standard requirements.


Main Specification

Rated current







Rated Voltage


Electrical Wiring

Three-phase three-line   and three-phase four-line

Rated Working Frequency


Compensation mode

1. Harmonic filtering, specified harmonics fitering   selectable

     2. Harmonic filtering &   reactive power compensation.

Filter Range

3-50 harmonics(specified harmonic selectable)

Filter level

Amplitude compensation setting for specified harmonic

Auto Current Limitation



Auto Diagnosis and Protection

Overheat protection,   heatsink exceeds 65, fans will be started automatically

Voltage loss   protection(system voltage lower than UN85%), breaker carry out voltage loss   proetction

Load over current   protection

Compensation over   current protection

System voltage protection

DC voltage protection

IGBT protection(IGBT inside   temperature exceed 108, alarm IGBT fault)

Impulse current

2 times of IGBT rated   current

Filter ability



APF production 


Green Power Advantages

•       Rich experience for industrial applications

•       Mature and advanced technology, R&D of power supply for 20 years

•       Europe quality, high reliablity and high stability

•       Reliable, efficient and robust, Maximum efficiency and reliability and trouble-free                           integration, give you technical performance that boosts productivity and allows a high                 return  on investment on your plant

•       High performance price ratio, optimised power supply design& reasonable power supply         price

•       Product easy operation and quick troubleshooting

•       Efficient service


16000m2 for headquater, workshops and office.

capacity 1000 sets/month

5S management for production,

QC rather reliable.



TUVus, same as UL 1564;


High Technique Company;

Software Coply;

ISO 9001

Overseas agent


We exported to more than 40 countries, and have agents in more than 10 countries.

If you are our distributor, your contact could be displayed on our website for marketing together.

Packing and shipping

360 degree service

Easy to approach: 

1 hour email reply you (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8) 

16 hours Skype online (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8) 

16 hours mobile online (7:00 am-11:00 pm UTC 8)

Technical support:

Technical discussion

Provide technical solution           

Troubleshooting guide 

Technical training 

Quality assurance:

1 year warranty                  

CRM management for quick customer information inquiry

Spare parts available         

Accessories available 

Transport service               

OEM or ODM  

Skype: beijinggreenpower.amy 

Whatsapp:+86 185 0098 3665


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