Plasma Torch Heating IGBT power supply


Matter has four states (solid state, liquid state, gaseous state and plasma state). Plasma is a high temperature, ionized and conductive gas state caused by contact between gas and arc. Because of the conductivity of ionized gas, the energy of the arc is transferred rapidly and becomes heat of gas, forming high temperature gas(temperature above 5500) and high intensity heat source.

Plasma technology is positioned in international forefront of advanced environmental protection technology, is most reliable measure to deal with all kinds of solid waste (city garbage, industrial and hazardous waste, medical and electronic hazardous waste, sewage sludge and smelting slag and tailings mining etc.), has promising market perospect in environment treatment field.

Suitable plasma torch

The IGBT power supply is suitable for DC non transfer arc and DC transfer arc.

Difficult points of plasma application power supply

  -Multiple plasma load type: from resistive, capacitive, inductive, resistive-capacitive, resistive-inductive load, power supply need to adapt to these load. 

  -High voltage impulse to power supply: power supply should withstand this impulse, need special circuit design

  -Plasma negative resistance characteristic: power supply should match this load feature. 


What's special of Green Power rectifier

 -High quality, Europe level reliability with much cheaper price than Europe

 -Experience of plasma torch load

 -Good solution to the plasma application, high voltage withstand circuit design

 -Easy remote control, support 4-20mA/0-10V analog signal+dry contacts, communication RS485(MODBUS)

 -Touch panel HMI

 -Excellent workmanship

 -Custom design available


Main specification

  -Input voltage: 380V, 480V, 690V AC 3 phases 

  -Output: 200Vdc*500A(example)

  -Control method: controlled by current, constant current mode

  -Working mode: continuous duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  

  -Cooling method: air cooling/water cooling

  -Local control by touch panel

  -Remote control through 4-20mA or 0-10V signal and dry contacts or MODBUS

  -Power factor: 0.9 or better 

  -ITHD: less than 10% 

  -Ripple: better than 5%

  -Efficiency: ≥90% at full load

  -Overload ability: 110%, transient overload 150% not exceeding 30s. 

  -Voltage withstand ability: could withstand 4500V, 50kHz above high frequency high voltage impulse for 10s. 

  -Has soft start function

  -Has over voltage, over current, short circuit, over heat etc. alarm and protections, displayed on touch panel. 

  -Accuracy: <1%

  -Ambient temperature: Max. 40℃

  -Elevation: <4000m

Recommended rectifier: High power SCR Rectifier
                                          Small power IGBT Rectifier