Why Green Power At Higher Quality Even If With Same Components?

Aug 22, 2017
Why Green Power At Higher Quality Even If With Same Components?

There are many factors to affect quality:

(1) We use all reliable materials and components other than above parts, including cables, wires, screws etc. everything. Now China almost 90% rectifier manufacturers use international brands, still with problems. So only main parts could not determine the whole rectifier quality. 


(2) Our over 20 years rich Experience in different fields, knowing application needs, which is quite important in practice, and we’ve produced many high power IGBT rectifiers with customers’ satisfaction.


And we provide onsite technical support and training abroad. In last years, we’ve been to over 20 countries, like US, Chile, Columbia, South Korea, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, UAE, Serbia, Russia & Kazakhstan etc. to help our customers. Meanwhile, we’ve calculated our experience for technique enhancing.


(3) Technical ability:

üFirst important is control technology, which is most important, because control is the core of whole rectifier, if controller is broken, the rectifier can't be used any more. Self developed DSP digital controller.



üSecond, module parallel connection technology, we use CANBUS for digital current equalization, uneven current degree between modules is less than 1%. With Intelligent parallel control technology, when one module is out of operation, others could continue to work. 


üWe use touch panel for HMI, easy monitor, setting and maintenance.


üWith 20 Patents and Software Copyright.


üHigh-tech company.


(4) Internal quality control management, each step we have strict quality control with report in file, also with ERP system.


(5) Professional assembly and wiring craft work.


(6) Production ability and production quality control.


(7) Besides our PhD team for technology, we have MBA degree professional management team. 


In our opinion, the rectifier quality is determined by the whole company's ability, including concept of the company, technical     ability, technology accumulation, application experience, quality control management, communication ability with customer, company internal communication, understanding between company employees, service ability etc.