What's Difference Between IGBT Based Rectifier And Oil Cooling SCR Rectifier For Electroplating And Anodizing Industry?

Dec 27, 2017
What's Difference Between IGBT Based Rectifier And Oil Cooling SCR Rectifier For Electroplating And Anodizing Industry?

Green Power’s IGBT switch mode power supplies have many advantages over SCR rectifier, therefore, they are now more and more used for electroplating process to replace SCR rectifier.

The main advantages of Green Power pulse plating rectifiers over thyristor rectifiers include but not limited to:

  • Same high reliability as SCR rectifier, long time 7 days 24 hours continuous running

  • High conversion efficiency, power saving at least 15% than SCR rectifier. E.g for 1000A 12V plating rectifier, suppose 6300 hours running time one year, saving power 18613kwh than SCR rectifier.

  • Not affected by power fluctuation, 100% output, don't need extra capacity

        IGBT rectifier adopts AC-DC-AC-DC topology, 3 phase AC is firstly converted to DC, which has capacitors for energy charging and discharging, it will suppress power fluctuation, so rectifiers don't need bigger capacity than actual use. 

        SCR rectifier doesn’t have energy buffer function, it is affected directly by the grid power fluctuation, so it always keep much extra capacity and increase user’s investment cost.

  •  Pulse output needs less plating time, customer feedback 40% shorter time needed for plating

  • Modular design:

Ø Rectifier won’t break down: in case of one module failed, the rectifier continue working with reduced power

Ø Less downtime and easy recovering: plug-in structure, replace module directly, downtime is shorten to minimum, this reduces potential high cost of your plant stop and increase your plant’s availability.  

Ø Current expansion available: thanks to the modular design and supporting parallel connection, if you need more power, you only need to add more modules.

Ø Reduce current rating to save power: if you don’t need all modules working, you can switch off some modules, rectifier can work at lower rating.

Ø Less floor space occupied: the rectifiers can be built on top of each other, making them easy to fit into your plant’s design, optimizing floor space.

Ø Easy to install and maintain: each rectifier consists of up to ten modules and naturally two or more stacks can be connected to allow higher currents (40kA) and voltages (200V DC).

Ø Separate output or parallel running output available: you can let the rectifier module separate output to connect to more tanks, or parallel connecting to get higher current for one tank


  • Compact size, modular structure, e.g.  air cooling 1000A 12V size only 450*560*300mm, weight is only 58kg. much less size and weight than SCR rectifier, don't need forklift

small size.jpg


Green Power IGBT rectifier comparison with old oil cooling SCR rectifier: SCR rectifier at least 8 times bigger than Green Power IGBT rectifier

  • Low pollution to grid, power factor>0.93

  • Lower cost for the same specification

  • Ripple affect comparison with SCR rectifier:

    Ø For SCR rectifier, if output voltage is not rated value, ripple is higher, there is effect to plating quality, normally 5% ripple requirement is for current ripple. E.g. If you plate at 6000 amps and 6 volt, then quality will be affected. 

   Ø In the IGBT rectifier, because it is high frequency output, so plating quality is not affected even working at half voltage, such as 6 volt. 

                                         Comparison chart

Thyristor rectifier

Green Power IGBT switching mode rectifier




88% (typ.)

Power factor







At least 1/2 smaller than SCR type




Regulation speed



Response time to load variation


very high

very high (≈1ms)



very high

1/1000 of max current or voltage

Shift phase



Parallelability (multi-tower)

very difficult

easy in current and voltage mode

Losses at no load /Vout ON



Losses at no load /Vout OFF



Reverse speed

very slow

Fast in both voltage and current mode

fastest in both voltage and current mode

Ripple change

Ripple increase when output voltage reduce and have bad influence to electroplating quality

Independent to output voltage, keep constant in all output voltages

1000A 12V IGBT electroplating rectifier:


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