What Is Advantages Of Digital Control Over Analog Control?

Jun 02, 2020
What Is Advantages Of Digital Control Over Analog Control?

Rectifiers, including silicon controlled rectifiers and high-frequency switching power supply rectifiers, Green Power use all-digital technology to improve the stability and intelligence of the power supply; from the perspective of power supply process effects, digital power supply due to flexible control strategy adjustment, high control accuracy and The control parameter has high stability, so it has better process stability, better process effect and energy saving characteristics. At the same time, the convenient communication interface function of the digital power supply provides a good hardware foundation for modern networked control.

Compared with the analog control method, the digital control method has the following advantages:

1. The digital control mode can effectively avoid the distortion and interference of spurious signals during the transmission of analog signals;

2. If the numerical control method adopts the analog control method, it must rely on the hardware circuit to realize, and the numerical calculation method using the digital control method can be completed in the software program, which can greatly simplify the hardware structure of the control circuit, so as to simplify the system. The function realized by the hard circuit, which can simplify the hardware structure of the control circuit and reduce the number of peripheral devices;

3. Using analog control, the control accuracy is limited by the accuracy of the device, temperature drift and other factors, while the power supply using digital control technology does not have similar problems, the power supply has good consistency and high reliability. 

4. The use of digital control technology can facilitate the realization of various fault monitoring, internal communication and system intelligence of the power supply. It can also realize remote monitoring, observation, display and control through multi-machine online networking;

5. Optimizing system debugging is conducive to implementing different control strategies and optimization control schemes under the existing hardware environment, and can meet different needs in different situations, which improves the openness and compatibility of system development.

The switching power supply independently developed by Green Power adopts 32-bit DSP chip as the core, supplemented by a 7-inch touch screen to complete the operation and display, and the realization of power digitization mainly includes two aspects: 

Digitalization of power system control:

■ Software program control of the power system;

■ Digital human-computer interaction platform;

■ Perfect self-checking, monitoring and protection functions 

■ Remote real-time communication and control, and online operation of multi-unit network can be realized on the remote control console. 

Digitization of power converter control: 

■ Direct control of the switching frequency and conduction time of the power switch tube; 

■ Real-time monitoring voltage, current and other data, and quickly start the protection function when a fault occurs; 

■ Realize various complicated algorithms, such as realizing voltage and current double-loop PID control strategy, determining the phase angle difference value of the driving pulse of the forearm and lag arm, etc.

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