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Turkey Distributor Visits IGBT Power Supply Factory For Quality Check And Product Training

Dec 19, 2017

Our Turkey distributor visits us for factory evaluation, quality check and product testing & service traning to better distribute our IGBT high frequency power supply for Electroplating, Aluminium anodizing, electrolysis etc. industries.

Green Power's IGBT DC power supply take over many advantages, such as Europe level quality and reliability, top level technology with DSP digital control,excellent craftwork,modular design, compact size taking small space,light weight compared with SCR based oil cooling rectifier, power saving,high power factor etc.

Nowdays, we have distributor network in Mexico,Turkey,India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan,South Korea,Brazil,Iran etc. countries to provide local service.    


Our International Distributor Network for Rectifiers

Green Power Overseas agent network.png

Welcome more distributors worldwide, please send email to: amy@bjgreenpower.com