The Working Principle Of IGBT Rectifier

Jun 21, 2017
The Working Principle Of IGBT Rectifier

The working principle of IGBT Rectifier
Isolation is a safe power supply, generally used for machine maintenance, maintenance, protection, lightning protection, filtering effect.
The principle of IGBT Rectifier and the principle of ordinary IGBT Rectifier is the same. Are using electromagnetic induction principle. IGBT Rectifier general (but not all) is a 1: 1 IGBT Rectifier. Because the secondary is not connected with the earth. There is no potential difference between any of the secondary lines and the earth, and it is safe to use. Often used as maintenance power. Control IGBT Rectifier and tube device power supply is also IGBT Rectifier. Such as tube amplifiers, tube radios and oscilloscopes, and lathe control IGBT Rectifiers and other power supplies are IGBT Rectifiers. Such as for the safety of color TV commonly used 1: 1 from the IGBT Rectifier. Also used in air conditioning. Primary single-phase 220V, secondary is single-phase 220V. Or primary three-phase 380V, the secondary is three-phase 380V. First of all, we usually use a AC power supply voltage and a ground connected to the ground, another line and the earth between the 220V potential difference. Exposure to electric shock. And the isolation of the secondary is not connected with the earth, it's any two lines and the earth there is no difference between the potential. People touch any line will not happen electric shock, so it is safer.

Followed by the isolated output and the input is completely "open" isolated, so effective on the IGBT Rectifier input (power supply voltage) to play a good role in filtering. Thus providing a pure power supply voltage to the electrical equipment.

Another use is anti-interference. Can be widely used in subway, high-rise buildings, airports, railway stations, docks, industrial and mining enterprises and tunnel transmission and distribution and other places.

Isolation means that the input windings and output windings are electrically isolated from each other by an IGBT Rectifier to avoid accidental simultaneous exposure to the presence of the live body (or metal parts that may be charged due to insulation damage) and the danger Dry IGBT Rectifier the same, but also the use of electromagnetic induction principle, the main isolation of a power circuit, the secondary circuit floating to the ground to ensure safe use of electricity.
Folding effect

The main function of the IGBT Rectifier is to make the primary side and the secondary side of the electrical completely insulated, but also to isolate the circuit. In addition, the use of its high-frequency core loss characteristics, thus inhibiting the high-frequency clutter into the control loop. With the IGBT Rectifier to the second to the ground, can only be used in the power supply range is smaller, shorter lines occasions. At this point, the system's ground capacitance current is small enough to cause harm to the person. There is also a very important role is to protect personal safety! Isolate dangerous voltage.

With the continuous development of power system, IGBT Rectifier as the key equipment in the power system plays an increasingly important role, its safe operation is directly related to the reliability of the entire power system operation.IGBT Rectifier coil deformation refers to the coil after the force , The occurrence of axial, amplitude changes, body displacement, coil distortion and so on. There are two main reasons for the deformation of IGBT Rectifier coil: First, IGBT Rectifier operation is difficult to avoid the impact of external short-circuit fault: Second, IGBT Rectifier in the transport hoisting process accidental collision.