The Role Of SCR Rectifier

Jul 14, 2017
The Role Of SCR Rectifier

The role of SCR Rectifier

In daily life, the use of crystal SCR Rectifier is very common. The main application of SCR Rectifier is to convert ac power to dc power supply. Because all electronic devices need to use dc, but the power is ac electric power company, so unless you use the battery, otherwise all electronic equipment inside the power supply without SCR Rectifier. Converting dc power to voltage is much more complicated. Dc-dc transformation of a kind of method is first converts the power exchange (using a known as the use of inverter device), then use the transformer changes the alternating voltage, and then back to a dc power supply. The SCR Rectifier is also used in the detection of amplitude modulated (AM) radio signals. The signal may be increased (amplifying the amplitude of the signal) before detection, and a very low voltage drop diode must be used if the signal is not increased. When using SCR Rectifier for demodulation, the capacitor and load resistance must be carefully matched. The capacitance is too small and the high frequency components are overspread. Too large will inhibit the signal.

No matter what work we do, we must ensure safety. The safety measures must be done in accordance with the work order. Please check in the station and cancel the procedure. 2. The secondary loop of the protection of the tripping of the frame should be removed before homework (X11-11, 12, 13, 14) of the negative cabinet. 3. Operation steps: 1. Power failure, electricity inspection, hanging ground line, listing. 2. Remove dc side, negative cable, and grounding cable with grounding wire. 3. Remove the countercurrent protection module, the fault shows the secondary joint of the box, and disconnect the power of the secondary circuit. 4. Copper wire short - connect capacitance, ammeter, voltmeter. 5. Use copper wire to connect all of the dc sides. 6. Insulation. (SCR Rectifier overall to ground) 7, remove all short wiring. (remember to check carefully, confirm all the short wiring) 8, the micro - European connection, is connected with the negative electrode of SCR Rectifier, and the negative connector is positive. 9, the microohmmeter goes back to zero and then hits 100A and starts to go up to 100A. 10. Measure each diode current value with the fluk ac tongs. Wear hard hats all the time.

The automobile SCR Rectifier is a direct current after the rectifier of the motor generator. The wave type still has irregular fluctuation, which directly affects the accuracy of the ignition of the vehicle. Output voltage can't remain relatively constant, cause the bigger difference of each spark plug ignition energy is easy to make your car engine jitter stall in shift, speed up slow weakness, idle instability and automotive air conditioning low efficiency, etc. It greatly reduces the performance and service life of the equipment. Plus - car aging circuit system, circuit resistance Keng get higher, the effect of impact on your car also becomes increasingly apparent. Electronic SCR Rectifier yes role is to help the car to eliminate noise interference, stable output voltage instantaneous discharge capacity, improve the power supply system and increase the torque output, speed up the throttle response, prolong the service life of the battery, shorten the car engine startup time, improve the efficiency of ignition and so on, especially for small-engine cars, effect is obvious.

To determine the quality of a car SCR Rectifier, it is important to see whether its durability and the actual reaction to the accelerator are obvious. Such as internal circuit system and the shell of insulation, waterproof, antioxidant design (using imported heat insulation waterproof shell, long life's deadly capacity capacitor and epoxy resin isolation circuit board, plastic wire, high durability/conductive solder, etc.), is enduring influence efficiency of the greatest factors. And the adoption of the thickness of the wire, wire and connectors, is the determinant of the conductive performance merits or not, especially in the car under low voltage and high current electricity environment, wires must be fine and multi-fiber coupled with large cross-sectional area, can play the effect completely, so if you have Suggestions on door installation SCR Rectifier with ground wire at the same time, the effect will be better.