The Role Of IGBT Rectifier In The Alternator Power Supply System

Oct 10, 2017
The Role Of IGBT Rectifier In The Alternator Power Supply System

High-frequency IGBT Rectifier used in the alternator power system, the role of the alternator AC current generated by the direct current to achieve power supply to the battery and to the battery; Protect the generator from being burned by reverse current. Silicon diode with a one-way conductive characteristics, that is, at both ends of the silicon diode with a certain voltage (power positive diode diode connected, the negative side of the negative power supply diode), the diode on the conduction, a current flow, and vice versa, the diode is not Conduction, no current through.
In this way, the current can only pass from one direction. People use the diode of this feature, made of IGBT Rectifier. When the AC voltage is applied to the high frequency IGBT Rectifier, only the positive half cycle of the AC power is allowed to pass, and the negative half cycle does not pass, so the output of the DC converter at the negative end of the IGBT Rectifier.
SCR IGBT Rectifier features: is "explosive". However, if the anode or the control electrode is the reverse voltage, the thyristor can not turn on. The effect of the control electrode is to turn on the thyristor by applying a positive trigger pulse, but it can not turn it off. So, what method can the turn-on thyristor turn off? Turn the thyristor off, turn off the anode power (switch S in Figure 3) or make the anode current less than the minimum value Maintain current). If the thyristor anode and cathode are added between the AC voltage or pulsating DC voltage, then the voltage zero, the thyristor will turn off.
In order to meet the needs of the automotive electronics market, semiconductor companies to provide automotive electronic high-frequency IGBT Rectifier are in line with the Automotive Electronics Equipment Council (AEC) established by the reliability verification standards. Tong Li-fen stressed that with the general demand for consumer electronics products, auto parts for more stringent quality control, so the semiconductor company in product quality strict checks, the current automotive electronics and industrial equipment market contribution accounted for about the semiconductor company's overall revenue 20%.
Semiconductor companies are also actively cultivating the Chinese mainland's car market, Tong Lifen said that as the semiconductor in the European automotive market has established in-depth cooperative relations, by virtue of this advantage, relatively easy to cut into the Chinese mainland auto industry supply chain. At present, the main competitors in this field are mostly international manufacturers, compared to these foreign investors, Tong Lifen said that as foreign products by the agent delivery, so manufacturers may not have the advantage of price, still need to rely on delivery speed and Flexibility, and customer service ability to win in the market.
Semiconductor's high-frequency IGBT Rectifier products include automotive IGBT Rectifiers, surface-mount rectifier diodes, super-diodes, high-power rectifier diodes, fast-return IGBT Rectifiers, bridge IGBT Rectifiers, Schottky IGBT Rectifiers and silicon-controlled IGBT Rectifiers, Numerous and complete specifications. Tong Li-fen said, to bridge IGBT Rectifier, for example, the company can provide specifications from 0.8 to 50 amps readily available. Semiconductor companies currently have a epitaxial plant, three fabs and two packaging plants, and has made TS16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality certification.
Due to the diversification of products and applications, coupled with customers around the world, so the economic downturn for the impact of semiconductor companies is not large. Tong Li-fen stressed that changes in the design of electronic products and enhance the degree of integration, IGBT Rectifier manufacturers need to focus on, because this trend may lead to a decline in the demand for IGBT Rectifiers.
However, overall, the current demand for high-frequency IGBT Rectifier market is still very large. According to the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Organization (WSTS) report pointed out that high-frequency IGBT Rectifier market size of nearly 6 billion US dollars, and the expected market demand will continue to grow.