The Principle Of Action Of Automobile Rectifier

Nov 01, 2017
The Principle Of Action Of Automobile Rectifier

The Principle of Action of Automobile Rectifier
All electrical equipment on the car is powered by batteries and generators. So we have to ask, the battery output is already a direct current, then the high frequency Rectifier filter what wave? Do not worry, let's start with the generator. The car engine drives the generator with three sets of Y-type stator coils, resulting in three sets of different AC voltage, and then through the generator built-in six positive and negative Rectifier crystal (Rectifier particles), full-wave Rectifier After the conversion into a DC voltage to supply the car's electrical equipment such as air-conditioning compressor, audio, ECU, ignition coil, fuel pump and headlights and so on. In other words, all the electricity in the car is supplied by the generator, and the battery is purely the conversion of the electric energy into a chemical energy storage unit. In addition to being able to supply the electricity needed to start the engine, With the load in response to heavy load power consumption situation, at any time can discharge compensation function, so the battery itself is also a certain regulator Rectifier effect, and after the Rectifier after the DC Rectifier, still have some irregular fluctuations ( The so-called even wave voltage, through the oscilloscope can see the voltage into a sinusoidal curve, the voltage fluctuates within a certain range, when the high and low, peak wave valley voltage difference of 1.6 to 1.7 volts or more, and then, do not underestimate the 1.7 volt drop , To know your car's working voltage is 12V, a difference of 1.7 volts, it means that your car is only 85% of the ignition efficiency ah! In the sine wave peak, the voltage is high, the spark plug can be normal ignition, explosive power in the sine valley, Low voltage, spark plug can not be normal ignition, explosive power is weak, is bound to cause fuel is not sufficient, fuel consumption of oil, carbon deposition, etc. The above characteristics by the automotive generators Construction decisions, both high-end cars and low-grade cars are the same), in the city to stop walking driving conditions, the degree of voltage instability will become increasingly evident, if coupled with higher age circuit system oxidation , The impact of high resistance, more likely to have accelerated strength reduction, idle instability and low efficiency of air-conditioning compressor and so on the situation, and not stable enough for the electrical appliances itself, it is the cause of reduced life one. It can be seen, just rely on the battery itself, the regulator effect, the effect is actually very limited, because the battery is a lot of positive and negative lead with the combination of electrolyte, its contact with the electrolyte area is small, charge and discharge The performance is naturally limited, but engage in a DC Rectifier, the cost is too high (the total vehicle maximum current is very large), so the use of capacitor filtering to enhance the efficiency of regulator rectification (does not have the role of long-term storage of electricity) Method is relatively simple and low cost. The internal structure of the capacitor is composed of two or more metal foil and dielectric combination, with fast charge and discharge, make up the effect of the traditional battery performance, in the car load soared (open air conditioning, vigorously step on the gas, etc.) Can quickly make up the required power.
The Function and Characteristics of High Frequency Rectifier
1, to enhance the engine horsepower, so throttle response more light and sensitive
2, to improve the brightness of the light, high beam lights are much brighter than before
3, to improve the low-end driving the phenomenon of vehicles, so that the file more smoothly
4, to improve the ignition efficiency Rectifier, so that the spark plug burning more fully
5, to reduce the phenomenon of idle jitter, making it more stable
6, to reduce the clutter interference, improve the sound quality of car audio system
7, to protect the battery and the original car electrical Rectifier circuit system, reduce its load and extend the service life