The Function Of IGBT Rectifier In Ac Generator Power System

Jul 14, 2017
The Function Of IGBT Rectifier In Ac Generator Power System

The function of IGBT Rectifier in ac generator power system

In real life, we are often exposed to IGBT Rectifier, mainly because of our extensive use of IGBT Rectifier. Whether in our daily life or in industry, we need to use IGBT Rectifier in our work, which can improve efficiency and save cost. No matter we use what should notice when all of its correct use and maintenance, like this can delay the using time of it, so we read instruction manual carefully before using IGBT Rectifier, like this can clear what problem in the process of using the note. I don't know if you are familiar with IGBT Rectifier. Today, we are going to study the role of IGBT Rectifier in ac generator power system.

Small make up know that high frequency IGBT Rectifier in ac generator power supply system, the role of a is the alternator produces alternating current into direct current (dc), in order to realize the power supply and electrical equipment to the battery charging; The second is to limit the battery current backflow back to the generator and protect the generator from the current burning. Silicon diode with one-way conductive properties, that is, on both ends of the silicon diode with certain voltage (positive, positive answer the diode power negative answer the diode cathode), diode conduction, currents, on the other hand, the diode is not conducting, without an electric current passes through.

Thus, the current can only pass in one direction. This characteristic of diode is used to make IGBT Rectifier. When the high frequency IGBT Rectifier and ac voltage are added, only the positive half week of the ac is allowed to pass, and the negative half week does not pass, so the negative side of the IGBT Rectifier outputs the pulsating direct current.

In modern life, there are many IGBT Rectifier around us, mainly because our use of it is very common, so there are many suppliers in the market. In general, we should know all the indicators before we choose IGBT Rectifier, so we can choose the products suitable for our products. No matter what we use, we should pay attention to the correct way to use it, and follow the steps so that we can avoid accidents and affect our work. Today, IGBT Rectifier manufacturer tells you the cooling mode of IGBT Rectifier.

In these days, we have looked up some information, and we can see that the current cooling methods commonly used in IGBT Rectifier are natural cooling, pure fan cooling, natural cooling and fan cooling combined with three types. Natural cooling has no mechanical failure and high reliability; No air flow, less dust, good for heat dissipation; No noise, etc. Pure fan cooling has light weight and low cost. The combination of fan and natural cooling is effective in reducing the volume and weight of the equipment, and the fan has a high life span and strong adaptive capacity. As the saying goes, detail decides success or failure, so we want to read instruction manual carefully before using IGBT Rectifier, what is the instruction, mainly have the effect of instruction, improve the work efficiency, to achieve better results.