Rectifier In The Series Must Have To Grasp The Precautions

Sep 18, 2017
Rectifier In The Series Must Have To Grasp The Precautions

Rectifier in the series must have to grasp the precautions
Rectifier is a kind of power supply, its supply voltage is mostly AC voltage, when the AC supply voltage voltage or output load resistance changes, the Rectifier's direct output voltage can remain stable.
Rectifier parameters are voltage stability, ripple coefficient and response speed. The former indicates the effect of the change in the input voltage on the output voltage. The ripple factor indicates the magnitude of the AC component in the output voltage at rated operating conditions; the latter represents the time required for the voltage to return to normal when the input voltage or load changes drastically. Rectifier sub-continuous conductivity and switch-type two categories. The former by the frequency transformer to single or three-phase AC voltage to the appropriate value, and then by rectification, filtering, to obtain unstable Rectifier, and then by the regulator circuit to obtain a stable voltage (or current).
This power line is simple, small ripple, mutual interference is small, but bulky, more supplies, low efficiency (often less than 40% to 60%). The latter adjusts the output voltage by changing the on-off time ratio of the adjustment element (or switch) to achieve regulation. This type of power consumption is small, the efficiency of up to 85%, but the drawback is large ripple, mutual interference. So, since the 80s has developed rapidly.
If we need more power, and can not immediately find enough high-power Rectifier, we often think of two or more Rectifier output in series or parallel, has been higher voltage, current or power. In fact, a lot of program-controlled power can be set in series or in parallel, but be sure to use the correct method.
When you connect multiple outputs in series to achieve a higher voltage, be sure to keep in mind the note:
1, the total voltage must never exceed the rated floating voltage of any one of the output power, that is, the maximum isolation voltage between the output and ground. The general program-controlled Rectifier floating safety voltage of 240V, a little high-voltage output power to be higher.
2, each power output can not be set to negative voltage output.
3, the series power supply voltage and current set the output value should be consistent.
When setting each Rectifier output, the primary task is to consider the desired total voltage value. For this reason, the limit value of each output current is set to the maximum current withstand value that can withstand the load. Second, according to the desired total voltage, evenly distributed to each power supply. For example, if you use two Rectifiers in series output, you can set each output to half the total voltage. If you use three Rectifiers to output in series, each output voltage can be set to one-third of the total voltage.
The larger power supply resistance to the load in terms of two negative, first of all is not conducive to the load regulator circuit work, more unfavorable is the load current of any change will lead to fluctuations in the DC power output, the ups and downs on the test results The effect of the pulse and noise on the test results is exactly the same.
The magnitude of the power supply transient response and recovery time indicates that the Rectifier power regulator circuit resumes normal voltage capability when the output load changes abruptly. There are two parameters to calibrate the DC power supply transient response and recovery: one is when the load suddenly changes in the output of the deviation from the value of the output is restored to the original value of the time. For the sake of uniformity, the output deviation is usually calibrated with the millippish value of the output deviation from the peak voltage when the load is changed by 10%, and the recovery time is calibrated with the millivolt used to return to the normal value.
Rectifier high-voltage power supply is a can produce more than ten million volts of high-voltage electronic products, generally for many years in high temperature, high humidity, high salt spray harsh working environment, which led to harmful ions in the atmosphere to accelerate the corrosion process of the circuit board The In order to prevent the wet, mold, salt spray on the circuit corrosion, effectively avoid the wire between the creepage, breakdown of the occurrence of the phenomenon, just rely on the coating of three anti-coating for protection, is far from meeting the protection requirements. This is because the Rectifier three anti-coating formed by the coating is very thin, can not provide a high resistance to mechanical shock and resistance to moisture penetration.