Rectifier How The Rectifier Works

May 25, 2017
Rectifier How The Rectifier Works

Rectifier Rectifier (rectifier) is the conversion of alternating current into direct current devices, can be used for power supply devices and detect radio signals. The rectifier can be made of a vacuum tube, a pilot tube, a solid-state silicon diode, a mercury arc, or the like. In contrast, a set of devices that convert DC into alternating current is called an "inverter".

  Rectifier In the standby UPS only need to charge the battery, do not need to load the power supply, so only the charger. In the double-conversion UPS, this device is both for the inverter power supply, but also to the battery charge, so called rectifier / charger.

  The rectifier is a rectifier, which simply converts AC (AC) into a DC (DC) device. It has two main functions: first, the AC (AC) into DC (DC), the filter after the supply of the load, or supply the inverter; second, to the battery to provide charging voltage. Therefore, it also plays the role of a charger

  AC generator generated by the rectifier after the rectifier into a direct current, but the waveform is still with irregular fluctuations, a direct impact on the accuracy of the vehicle ignition; output voltage can not be kept relatively constant, resulting in each spark plug ignition energy difference, easy So that the vehicle engine jitter, there shift shift frustration, slow speed slow, idle instability and low efficiency of vehicle air conditioning and so on. Which greatly reduces the performance of automotive electrical equipment and service life; coupled with the aging of the old circuit of the circuit system, the impact of high resistance to the circuit, the impact of the vehicle will become increasingly evident. The purpose of the electronic rectifier is to help the car to eliminate clutter interference, stabilize the output voltage, improve the instantaneous discharge capacity of the power supply system, increase the torque output, accelerate the throttle response, prolong the battery life, shorten the engine engine start time, improve the ignition efficiency, On the small displacement of the car, the effect is more obvious.

  Rectifier Semiconductor PN junction in the forward bias current is very large, reverse bias current is very small. Rectifier diode is the use of PN junction of this one-way conductive characteristics of the AC current into a PN junction diode. Usually the current capacity of 1 or less in the device called rectifier diodes, more than 1 called the rectifier. Commonly used semiconductor rectifier with silicon rectifier and selenium rectifier, product specifications a lot, the voltage from tens of volts to several kilovolts, current from a few to several thousand years. Rectifiers are widely used in various forms of rectified power supplies.

  High-power rectifier power supply rectifier current capacity, high breakdown voltage, good heat dissipation, but the device's junction area, junction capacitance, and thus the operating frequency is very low, generally in the tens of kilohertz. Silicon material forbidden band width, thermal conductivity is good, suitable for the production of high-power rectifier devices. In the high-voltage rectifier device often used high-voltage silicon reactor, which consists of a number of rectifier device die in series, the reverse voltage from the die pressure and the number of series die number, the maximum pressure up to several hundred thousand Volts If the high-frequency rectifier circuit is used at very high frequencies, the rectifier will no longer rectify the high-frequency voltage when the period of the AC voltage is equal to the recovery time of the rectifier on-state to the off-state. In order to meet the needs of high-frequency work, usually in the silicon rectifier in the use of gold-doped method to shorten the injection of minority carrier life, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing recovery time.

  Rectifier In order to reduce the possibility of damage caused by overpressure breakdown of the device and to improve the reliability of the rectifier, a silicon avalanche rectifier can be used. In this device, when the reverse voltage exceeds the allowable peak, a uniform avalanche breakdown occurs across the PN junction, and the device can operate at high voltage and high current, so it can withstand considerable reverse surge power. Production of such devices require less material defects, resistivity uniformity, surface formation, exposed junction area should also be properly protected to avoid surface breakdown. Selenium rectifier anti-overload capacity, the ability to withstand reverse surge power is also strong.

  In the two basic types of rectifiers based on high-power diodes or thyristors, the high-voltage AC power of the grid is converted to DC power through the rectifier. Other types of rectifiers that refer to future (near or far away): chopper, chopper DC / DC converters or current source inverter active rectifiers based on unprotected diode frontier products. Obviously, this latest type of rectifier technically contains more to develop content, but it can show advantages, for example, it is very small harmonic interference and 1 power factor loaded on the grid.