Rectifier Application Features

Jun 21, 2017
Rectifier Application Features

Rectifier Application Features
1, reduce the porosity, crystal nucleation formation rate is greater than the growth rate, to promote the nucleation refinement.
2, to improve the binding force, so that passivation film breakdown, is conducive to the matrix and the strong combination between the coating.
3, to improve the ability to cover and the ability to disperse, the cathode negative potential of the common plating in the passivation of the site can also be deposited to slow down the form of complex parts of the prominent parts due to excessive depletion of ionization caused by "charred" Deposits of the defects, for obtaining a given characteristic coating (such as color, no porosity, etc.) can reduce the thickness of the original 1/3 to 1/2, saving raw materials.
4, to reduce the coating of internal stress, improve lattice defects, impurities, holes, tumor, etc., easy to get crack-free coating to reduce the additives.
5, is conducive to obtain a stable composition of the alloy coating.
6, to improve the dissolution of the anode, without anodizing agent.
7, to improve the mechanical properties of the coating, such as increasing the density of surface resistance and body resistance, improve toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and can control the hardness of the coating.
The traditional electroplating suppresses the generation of side effects, improves the current distribution, regulates the liquid mass transfer process, and controls the crystallization orientation. The research on the complexing agent and additives has become the main direction of the electroplating process. Nano-switching power supply to solve the traditional electroplating rectifier defects.
Rectifier features those
1, small size, light weight:
The volume and weight are 1 / 5-1 / 10 of the thyristor rectifier for easy planning, expansion, movement, maintenance and installation.
2, energy saving effect:
Switching power supply due to the use of high-frequency transformers, conversion efficiency greatly improved, under normal circumstances more than 10% efficiency of SCR equipment to improve the load rate of 70% or less when the SCR device to improve efficiency by more than 30%.
3, the output stability is high:
As the system response speed (microsecond), for the network power and load changes with strong adaptability, the output accuracy can be better than 1%. Switching power supply efficiency, so the control of high precision, is conducive to improving product quality.
4, the output waveform easy to modulation:
As the operating frequency is high, the output waveform adjustment relative processing cost is low, can be more convenient in accordance with the user process requirements to change the output waveform. This is for the work site to improve work efficiency, improve the quality of processed products have a strong role.