Principle And Function Of SCR Rectifier

Jun 13, 2017
Principle And Function Of SCR Rectifier

Principle and Function of SCR Rectifier
SCR Rectifier is a rectifier, simply that is the exchange (AC) into DC (DC) device. It has two main functions: first, the AC (AC) into DC (DC), the filter after the load supply, or supply the inverter; second, to the battery to provide charging voltage. Therefore, it also plays the role of a charger.
SCR Rectifier is the purpose of instantly provide enough electrical current and a stable voltage, 1 to 2 times per second ignition, if the electronic ignition device can get enough current and voltage, gasoline combustion more complete, to achieve fuel-efficient role, So the effect of each car are not the same.
SCR Rectifier role:
1. To reduce the phenomenon of idle jitter, making it more stable. The following are the same as the "
2. To enhance the power, effectively improve the rubbing, towing, climbing acceleration and other issues. The following are the same as the "
3. Stable voltage, reduce clutter interference, improve electrical life and performance and improve the sound quality of car audio system. The following are the same as the "
4. Protect the battery and the original car electrical circuit system, reduce its load and extend the service life.
SCR Rectifier features those
1, small size, light weight:
The volume and weight are 1 / 5-1 / 10 of the SCR SCR Rectifier for easy planning, expansion, movement, maintenance and installation.
2, energy saving effect:
Switching power supply due to the use of high-frequency transformers, conversion efficiency greatly improved, under normal circumstances more than 10% efficiency of SCR equipment to improve the load rate of 70% or less when the SCR device to improve efficiency by more than 30%.
3, the output stability is high:
As the system response speed (microsecond), for the network and load changes with a strong adaptability, the output accuracy can be better than 1%. Switching power supply efficiency, so the control of high precision, is conducive to improving product quality.
4, the output waveform easy to modulation:
As the operating frequency is high, the output waveform adjustment relative processing cost is low, can be more convenient in accordance with the user process requirements to change the output waveform. This is for the work site to improve efficiency, improve the quality of processed products have a strong role.