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Korea Customers Visit Green Power Manufacturer For Pulse Rectifier

Sep 25, 2018

Korea Customers focus on Pulse Rectifier.

They said our rectifier waveform is  very good. and building for long-term cooperation.

Pulse power supply for electroplating gold, silver, nickel, tin etc. Including Single pulse, double pulse and multiple pulse.

Double pulse power supply has single positive pulse and double positive and negative pulse power supply, DSP digital control. The forward pulse on width (T+) and the negative pulse on time width (T-) can be adjusted in the full cycle, respectively. Forward current, voltage regulation, negative current, and voltage can be independently adjusted. Can meet the different needs of customers.

Double pulse rectifier is suitable for electroplating of gold, silver, rare metals, nickel, zinc, tin, chromium and alloys; electroforming of copper and nickel; application of electrolytic capacitors; anodizing of aluminum and titanium products; precision parts Electropolishing.