Integration And Miniaturization Of Power Quality Solution

Aug 16, 2017
Integration And Miniaturization Of Power Quality Solution

Integration and miniaturization of Power Quality Solution
   Power Quality Solution with a small size, high efficiency and a series of advantages, in all kinds of electronic products have been widely used. However, due to the power quality of the solution control circuit is more complex, the output ripple voltage is high, so the application of Power Quality Solution are subject to certain restrictions.
        The key to miniaturization of electronic devices is the miniaturization of the power supply, so it is necessary to reduce the loss of the power supply circuit as much as possible. Power supply solution in the adjustment tube work in the switch state, there must be switching losses, and the size of the loss increases with the switching frequency increases. On the other hand, the Power Quality Solution in the transformer, reactor and other magnetic components and capacitor components of the loss, but also with the frequency increase.
        Currently on the market Power Quality Solution in the power tube using bipolar transistors, switching frequency up to several tens of kHz; MOSFET power quality solution conversion frequency up to several hundred kHz. High-speed switching devices must be used to increase the switching frequency. For the megahertz switching frequency of the power supply can be used resonant circuit, this work is called resonant switch mode. It can greatly improve the switching speed, the principle of switching loss is zero, the noise is very small, which is to improve the power quality of the solution frequency of a way. The megahertz converter with resonant switch mode has been put into practical use.
        The integration and miniaturization of Power Quality Solution has become a reality. However, the power switch and control circuit are integrated in the same chip, must solve the problem of electrical isolation and thermal insulation.
 The power quality solution is a replacement for traditional rectifiers (silicon rectifiers, silicon controlled rectifiers). Power Quality Solution to the use of convenience, small size, high efficiency, stable work, fine coating and other absolute advantages of the rapid occupation of the market. Widely used in electroplating, electrolysis, oxidation and other surface treatment industry, and new and old customers alike.
         1 Power Quality Solution using imported components and the international advanced full-bridge inverter flow technology from precision processing, so that the performance of the machine stable, more reliable quality.
         2 machine with over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, short circuit, lack of automatic protection alarm and soft start function. And can install time control and computer interface.
         3 DC output waveform for the high frequency square wave, ripple factor "1%, pulse output frequency, duty cycle, opening time, pipe time can be set individually to speed up the deposition rate of the coating, increase the number of plating, refused to passivation, The gloss of the surface of the coating and the degree of penetration of the corners of the plating. And can reduce the loss of raw materials, electroplating industry to meet the various special requirements.
        4 Power Quality Solution using water-cooled design, easy installation. And equipped with remote control device, simple operation. Can carry the load switch machine, reduce the cumbersome adjustment procedures.
        5. Small size, light weight, the whole machine using a full range of anti-corrosion technology production, and enhance the product's anti-corrosion ability to extend the service life.
        6 efficient, energy saving, work efficiency of 90% or more, Power Quality Solution any voltage and current ratio is always a linear match. Eliminating the traditional rectifier voltage regulator and the main transformer loss, energy saving in more than 35%, greatly reducing the cost of plating, the surface treatment industry is the most sensible choice.